There’s nothing less relaxing than planning a holiday. Okay, when you are on a tight budget it is not that relaxing. There are so many ways to save some money before you leave, so you don’t rely entirely on your credit cards. No one wants to spend the next year paying off your debts, so we recommend you to read these great no-stress saving tips for your next trip that we rounded up to you.

Great Money Saving Tips For Your Next Trip

The cost of your summer trip depends on how you like to travel and where you want to go. Some costs to consider:

  • Visa and passport charges
  • Transport costs
  • Travel insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Entry fees
  • Entertainment costs
  • Extra money in case of emergencies

Accessing Money

Think about how how you are going to access money while you are on your holiday. If you carry lots of money with you, you risk losing it. If you are not sure what way to go, talk to your bank about how you can access cash overseas without paying high fees.


Cut back on spending before your trip and you will have more cash to spend there. Look for saving in your: takeaway coffees and lunches, clothes, restaurant meals, entertainment costs, etc.

Here are some tiny changes you can make to save more money for your next getaway.

  • We all love takeaway on those nights when you are tired and don’t have much time or energy to cook. Remember, the money spend on takeaways can be spent on dinners in Rome, Bali or Thailand. Instead of buying such dishes, think about doubling the recipe so you can freeze portions for those nights when you are not in the mood to cook.
  • A glass of wine each night, or a soft drink or takeaway before work could save you around $5 a day. That might not sound like much, but when you calculate, it is $1825 in a year. If you want to save even more, you can stop buying drinks altogether, but that might be getting a bit drastic.
  • We all love watching good movies. But, if you want to save some money instead of going to the cinema, watch the movie at home. The best part is that you can wear your pajamas and enjoy the movie lying in your bed.


  • BOOK EARLY/BOOK LATE. Keep an eye on prices on a week to week basis. Book your flight when a cheap price pops up. Some experts say that Tuesday at about 3 p.m it is the best time to book.
  • CONSIDER OTHER FORMS OF TRANSPORT. If it is possible, you can travel by train, bus or ferry. All these ways are much cheaper than flying and sometimes even more convenient.
  • GETTING TO THE AIRPORT. If you are flying, don’t spend a fortune on getting a taxi. You can get a train or bus .
  • DON’T GO FOR 5* HOTELS. You can consider staying in a hotel which is much cheaper than a luxurious hotel.
  • SKIP EXPENSIVE BREAKFASTS. Often cheap hotels don’t offer free breakfasts. So, be careful if you don’t want to be put off by the hotel where you are staying.