In Dubai unlike many other cities in the world, driving a Ferrari is not a hard thing especially if you want to enjoy the 12-lane road. With car rental deals Dubai, you can easily drive some of the most exotic cars in the world and this comes at a very reasonable cost thus helping you enjoy your dream car hassle-free. To enjoy the best ride of your life in a Ferrari, here are some important tips you should understand: –

Where To Go To Rent A Ferrari In Dubai?

  • You must be 25 years old and above to rent a Ferrari.
  • You must keep a speed limit of between 100kph and 120kph on the highways and 60 to 60kph on the interior roads when driving the best car rental in Dubai.
  • Dubai roads have some roundabouts and you should be careful and give way to other drivers from the left hand side.
  • There are radars set along the highways to help control the traffic. Some are set at the exact speed limit while others stand at 20kph above the actual speed limit especially on major roads.

Due to the high demand for exotic cars, there are many companies offering Ferrari Dubai rent cars to both locals and foreigners coming for holiday or even business related visits. Most of these companies are reputable but it is important to choose the service provider for guaranteed quality of services. offers you a list of companies offering best car rental in Dubai from where you can easily access favorable, quality Ferrari rentals at a considerable rate.

You should however take time, consider each service provider individually, and compare their services and prices before making a reservation. Our price and service comparison tools make thing easier and faster for free. You can also use the online tools to check other exotic car rental deals Dubai to see what best suits your driving needs and preferences. You will find different Ferrari models available for rental from different car rental companies thus making it easy for you to choose the model that best appeals to you. There is no better way to explore the city and the emirates than in some of the latest and cleanest rental cars in Dubai.