People believe that if you want to learn language in the fastest way, you have to stay in the foreign language environment for some time. This is the best way to learn foreign language. These are TOP 6 Foreign Language schools, where you can better your speaking skills. The list is not full. There are many other countries that make language education more and more attractive.


The school is founded in 1962 to be one of the leading linguistic centers of Britain. The students from more than 40 countries of the world come here every year. The school was approved to be the member of the English UK, Business English UK, Quality English, ALC. ELC is located in Briton, popular sea resort in the South sea cost of England. Briton is attractive for visiting in summer and winter. There are many theatres, museums, artistic centers, cafes, restaurants, pubs – everything that is needful for the student life.

The main school building is ELC Palmeira that is located in the center of the city, couple of minutes walking from the sea coast. The students use 30 classrooms to study. They are equipped with interactive boards, linguistic laboratory, Wi-Fi access, multimedia materials, video classes, lecture hall, library, student cafe. There is another center – ELC Loxdale that is situated in the Briton province the whole summer. The summer center occupies a big classic building with the sport center and sauna.

School Advantages:

Big choice of educational programs;

Every day program of the social events, including visiting of the local attractions, country excursions;

Small groups;

International staff.

The price for education is 1332 pounds for 2 weeks, including 25 lessons of English + food and live.

Modern Languages @ FLCC Study Abroad in Rennes & Paris, France


The school system DID is one of the biggest organizations that offers to learn German. The educational experience is very big, more than 40 years. DID Deutsch-Institute gained the best reputation due to the high educational standards and organization. The classes are conducted under the control of GfdS. The schools of this group have EAQUALS certificates – the guarantee of high qualification. DID Deutsch-Institut is also helpful to enter the German institute. The schools of DID Deutsch-Institute are situated in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg.

School Advantages:

Big choice of educational programs;

University Placement program.

The price for education is 1660 EUR for 2 weeks, including 20 lessons of German a week + food and live.


Malaca Instituto was founded in 1971 to be situated in the province of Malaga. This is the best school to teach Spanish for foreign students. It is situated 20 minutes driving from the international airport of Malaga, 10 minutes walking from the beach. Malaca Instituto occupies the own building with the comfortable classes from the one side and student residence from the other – Club Hispanico. The residence has 102 rooms that are equipped with the air conditioner, Wi-Fi access. The school has 25 classrooms, equipped with the multimedia center, swimming pool, cafe, cinema, fitness center.

Summer is hot time for Malaca Instituto to combine education and culture program: culture lessons, excursions, dance lessons, sport events. The educational programs are very interesting: DELE preparation, business course, culinary courses. Students can do fitness, golf, aerobics, golf, tennis, skiing.

School Advantages:

Education in this school is attractive for students of all ages;

You can combine education and active leisure.

The price for education is 1272 EUR for 2 weeks, including 20 lessons of Spanish per week + food and live.



ILAC is the leading language school in Canada. The centers of this school are placed in Toronto and Vancouver. You feel like at home. The schools of ILAC are placed in different parts of the city, not far from the parks, theaters, shops, restaurants. ILAC School in Vancouver boasts with 73 school classes. The school of Toronto has 90. There are many specially equipped cabinets, computer centers with free Wi-Fi. ILAC offers to all students to be well-prepared to TOEFL IBT and IELTS, business English. The University Preparation program teaches students to learn English good. These programs are approved by 60 universities and colleges of Canada.

The price for education is 1935 Canadian dollars, including 30 lessons of English per week + food and live.

International students-3


Kaplan is one of the best schools to teach English in the USA. It gains good reputation especially for foreign students after 18. The educative programs are innovative to meet the highest standards. The centers of Kaplan are situated in the central parts of the big cities of the USA. If you came to America for the first time, the USA Jeep car rental services are situated all over the country to take you to New York, San Francisco, Los-Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Washington and others. The car also helps you to participate in the school social-cultural program: student parties and excursions. Living in America, you cannot stand without a car.

Kaplan is considered to be the expert in TOEFL, GRE and GMAT preparation. The main school characteristics are:

This is the best school to prepare TOEFL;

Interesting and wide program of attractions.

The price for education is 1881 USD dollars for 2 weeks, including 20 lessons of English per week + food and live.



The school France Langue is a leader in the sphere of teaching French to the foreign students. The educational centers work in Nice, Bordeaux and Biarritz. The France Langue offers the wide range of educational programs: standard, intensive and super intensive courses, individual classes, DELF preparation, teacher’s course and lots of interesting things such as surfing, fitness, wine degustation. The school also famous of narrow specialization courses, such as business, tourism, medicine. The language centers of France Langue are approved by IALC as the educational establishment of high level.

The experts visit all school courses in different time to confirm their high status. The price for education is 1384 EUR per 2 weeks, including 20 lessons of French + food and live.