Many solar companies are providing free installation packages to people with no upfront fees. This step is taken to make people realize the importance of solar energy and give them an incentive to use it instead of traditional electric power methods. Solar energy system can help you save up to 70% on your electricity bills. All you need to do is get the system installed for free and use it for its benefits.

People consider installing solar systems for two reasons, either to go green or to save up the cost of energy or may be for both the reasons together. Either way it is very beneficial and smart way to use solar energy to generate electricity for your house or commercial property. Here are some of the most common ways you can save up your money by using solar panels. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge:-

  • Incentives by the government –

When the government supports a cause or a project, people are more convinced to use it or to try it on. The federal government provides attractive incentives for installation for people who are willing to install solar system in their homes. This helps people understand energy savings and lower their cost of energy in no time.

  • The partial usage –

If you are currently using traditional methods for electricity in your house, you can still opt for solar energy system for partial use. You can install solar system in your home and use it for lighting or run the appliances.

This will help you to reduce the load on the traditional electricity supply and eventually reduce your electricity bills. Once you use less power supply from the traditional electricity sources, you can ask for lower rates as you have reduced your usage to a great limit.

  • Feed- in tariffs –

This is a type of government induced incentive for people, who use solar system in their house. This means if you generate surplus energy (more than you require for your house or commercial property) you can sell it back to the grid and you will be provided with proper incentives.

  • Power purchase agreement –

If you do not have space in your property to install a solar system or you do not want to actually install a system you can get into a power purchase agreement with a private company which uses solar system for generating electricity. This power purchase agreement will allow you to use the electricity generated from the solar system installed in a particular private company. Basically the company will sell you their surplus electricity in lower rates. This way you get to use solar energy for your house and you do not have to actually install a solar system in your property.

  • Property of your house –

Once you install the solar system panels provided by the solar finance conference San Diego 2016 in your property, it will increase your property value up to 20%.

Solar systems are the smarter and better choice.