Not many years ago every office executive would be carrying a hard side briefcase that would have a handle at the top. But styles have changed a lot and in quick time. Laptop bags come in various models, materials, colors, and sizes. Laptop messenger bag and Laptop backpacks are one of the most common styles used by both men and women. While buying a laptop bag you need to consider all the aspects keeping in mind what items will go into them.

You can choose the laptop bag based on your personal preferences and needs. Depending on your habits you can choose the different features. The various options are explained here to help you select the right laptop bag.

The Full Guide To Buying A Laptop Bag

1.Styles of Laptop Bags

Laptop Sleeves – These are designed to fit only the laptop and will have no space for any other items. Normally these are carried in big bags and protect the laptop.

Rolling bags for laptop – These bags are designed more or less like many of the common suitcases with wheels provided for rolling them instead of carrying. This is most suitable for people having heavy computers which can cause back strain if carried.

Messenger bags for laptop –The laptop messenger bag has replaced the briefcase. It has a soft casing, top handle along with a shoulder strap. It is preferred by a large number of office going executives.

Backpack style – This is yet another very popular laptop bag among students and techies. They appear very similar to the regular backpack but have a pocket for the laptop which protects it. This is mainly preferred by people commuting on two-wheelers or public transport.


Weather resistant – The laptop bag may be hard or soft but should have a good protective outer shell if it is carried around. It should be waterproof or weather resistant. The pocket that holds the laptop should have a layer of soft padding on the inside with locking strap to hold the laptop securely.

Straps – the straps of the laptop bag should be strong with padding for the shoulder. If the strap is not strong the bag may fall and damage the laptop. The padding is important for carrying comfort.

Storage space – There are many options here. Some bags have space to hold only the laptop or space for laptop accessories like charger and mouse. Some bags come with additional storage for holding documents, work-related items, pens etc. If you plan to go on short trips then you can opt for the laptop bag that has room for holding a pair or two of clothes for changing.


The laptop bags come with inbuilt lock or provision to lock the bag with a lock. This offers extra protection to your laptop and other belongings.


When choosing a laptop bag you must consider the things that it should hold apart from the laptop and accessories. The bag should be sturdy and strong with ample protective layers. Laptop bag of the reputed brand comes with the warranty. This is very useful as it gives you the option of getting free service for any manufacturing defects. Invest in a durable Laptop messenger bag that will keep your laptop and other items safe and also serve you for a reasonable period of time.