Home printing can be a great way of taking control over your work while at the same time saving on cost. However, this noble idea could turn out to be a frustrating affair if you are not able to control on the budget thus costing you more that desired. It is however possible to cut on your printing cost while at the same time enjoying great results.


Below are some tips that will help you in keeping your home printing cost manageable:

Choose the right kind of printer

Rather than buying a printer based on its purchase price, it is always advisable to consider the overall running cost instead. You should therefore not buy a printer simply because its price tag is attractive and instead you should seek to know the much it will cost you to run it. Seek to understand what it will cost you on average to print a single page. This should factor in both color printing and black and white as well. The manufacturers should be able to provide you with these estimates.

Instead of buying new cartridges, refill the used ones

Buying a new ink cartridge could prove costly and especially if you are seeking for colored ink. However, you can avoid these huge costs by refilling your cartridges, a move that is normally cheaper and efficient as well. By choosing the right kind of refill options, you will be assured of quality results at a manageable cost and this saves you a good amount of money. You can do this first by knowing whether there are available refill toners for your specific printer model. Refilling the cartridges is simple and does not have to cause you a lot of trouble, meaning you can DIY.

Print your content double-sided

Printing papers could cost you more that anticipated and especially if you are not careful. Many people do not understand that by printing their work on both sides of a paper could go a long way in reducing the cost of printing while at the same time ensuring that their work is of high quality. Unless it is a requirement that such work should be printed on one side of the paper, choose double-sided printing and slash the cost incurred on papers by half. This will mean looking for the right kind of paper and the necessary printing font size.

Instead of original cartridges, look for remanufactured ones

If you decide to replace you cartridges, it will be advisable to go for a remanufactured ones instead of buying the original set. Remanufactured cartridges are cheaper compared to the new ones and thus will go a long way in cutting your printing budget.

Turn your printer off when not printing

This will go a long way in cutting on the electricity budget. Yes, electricity is also a factor to consider when seeking for cost cutting tips and you should therefore put off your machine whenever you are not using it. Additionally, it will be advisable to do accumulated printing rather than going for piecemeal printing. Although this does not save you a lot at once, it will go a long way in affecting your budget for the better.

Home printing does not need to be too expensive and therefore you should look for all the possible avenues that will help you keep it his way. The above tips are effective and trying them will help you enjoy great results.

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Gerald is a freelance writer, he tries to help people by writing about saving money on printing, refilling Ink cartridges & printer related issues.