Have you encountered some of these printer or copier problems in your office:  Paper jam, insufficient ink/toner, printer operation isn’t user-friendly (results in more paper waste), unresponsive printer, worn out printer parts and other out-of-your-vocabulary printer errors appear on your printer screen? Of course you did. These are common printer issues that some of us take for granted but what we do not know is that these simple problems can cause disruptions from our work.  Good thing there is what we call Managed Print Services or MPS.

printMPS is a service offered by printer manufacturers to assist companies with their printing and imaging needs and helps solve problems like those stated above. Before, printing can be done by anyone in the office—some aren’t knowledgeable enough on how to use printers, which results in printing issues that waste your IT team’s valuable time (when they could be focusing on other projects) and most importantly, your company’s money. Having MPS prevents these problems. That’s not all, below are other reasons why your company needs to avail of Managed Print Services.

1. Minimize Print Cost

With 1-3% of an organization’s total revenue being spent on printing, Managed Print Services allows businesses to lessen this expense. How? MPS allows maintenance of printer devices and helps identify and solve printer issues before it gets worse. This includes checking the printer toner levels, organizing your supplies purchases (like paper, ink, cartridges), reduces print volumes and manages all hardware & consumables. The result? An optimized print set-up that requires less money to maintain, lower electricity consumption and fewer IT staff to support. In return, 30% or $1,000,000 of businesses’ expenditure is saved.

2. Efficient Printing

MPS is also designed to make the most efficient use of your printing materials such as ink and paper. Yes, these materials are provided by the company but that doesn’t mean that you can use them excessively. With the help of MPS, issues like paper jam and uneven ink distribution on prints will be solved, cutting paper usage, printing waste and avoiding work disruptions.

3. Lessens Printing Security Risk

39% of the employees worry about the security of their private data printed or scanned using network devices. What’s even more alarming is that, 89% of employees admit that their company printer doesn’t require passwords when printing, leading to a greater security risk. For example, a wireless printer is more vulnerable to intruders than a printer wired directly to a network. With MPS, different solutions will be offered, preventing your information to be compromised and heighten your company’s printer defenses.

4. Reduce Carbon emissions

Did you know that 85.73 tons of carbon emissions come from printers?  Well we should be aware because at this present time, everyone is conscious to save the environment. When you use a Managed Print Service, the company will provide professionals to assist you on how to use your printer efficiently.

5. Print from Mobile Devices

With the ever changing and advancing world of technology, printing a document doesn’t necessarily require you to connect your device to a printer using a cord. Because now, especially with the help of MPS, you can print your documents wirelessly anytime and anywhere you want.

Managed Print Services isn’t something that is new to us. In fact, famous companies like Xerox and HP are the first ones who implemented this service. And for the past years, MPS has been proven to be really energy and cost efficient.

Author Bio:
Vanessa Parks is a Freelance Systems Analyst and Cloud Storage Consultant. She has been an advocate of Desktop virtualisation and unified computing for improved work efficiency and performance. She also has a passion in dancing, cooking and playing golf.