How to Turn a DVD to my PCRecord a video on a DVD is one of the main reasons for having a laptop with a DVD burner. The task can be daunting for first-time users, but several DVD burning programs can make the task much less daunting. Most of these computers that have this recorder also come with software to help in the task of creating DVDs. However, given that most laptops run on the Windows operating system, this article will focus on using Windows DVD Maker to create a DVD.

Level of difficulty: Moderate


1. Locate the DVD Maker software in the Start menu under “All Programs”.

2. Click on the link and select the options you want for your DVD. This is where you decide what options you want for your DVD menu, as well as the aspect ratio and size. The defaults are fine for most productions.

3. Click “Add Items” from the menu bar to select the images and video to your DVD. You will notice the total duration at the bottom left of this window. The total time allocated for a DVD is 150 minutes using this method.

4. Click to go to the next screen, where you’ll see that now you are ready to burn the files to DVD. This is where you can preview the DVD, make menu selections to add music to your slide show and even customize the menu, if that’s what you decide.

5. Insert a DVD R / RW disc into the drive. Click the “Burn” button in the last window left after completing step four. If you have a disc in the DVD drive of the laptop, will give you instructions for you to put one. Once the program completes recording video to DVD, you will be notified that it is complete and eject.

How to copy a DVD movie

Put DVD movies on your DVD player to your computer. Open the DVD content folder using Windows Explorer and copy the VIDEO_TS folder to a folder on the hard disk. Remember to have enough space (4.3 GB) to save the contents of the DVD to the hard drive.

Download and run the software Free DVD, weighing only 44KB and no installation needed.

In Free DVD select the VIDEO_TS folder you’ve copied to the hard drive in the first step. You will see a screen notifying about anti-copying restrictions to be removed.

You probably will not need to adjust any settings, but if you find that it is necessary, do it. Then press the button Free DVD! To start removing DVD copy systems.

To copy the folder to a DVD, you can use any burning program or recorded DVD of your choice.

Hazier backup your DVDs has never been easier. These instructions are only for educational purposes and should only be applied to copy DVD to computer facts for yourself (your responsibility) in which they have applied some kind of protection and want to remove them.