Computers and mobile devices are not just an important part of our daily lives, they are also a major investment. While there have been quite a few advances when it comes to the durability of this technology, accidents and damage can still take place at any time. Anyone who deals with technology on a regular basis, or has a sizeable equipment collection to manage, should keep these tips and tricks in mind to protect their hardware.

Lockdown Access Ports

With advances to both wired and wireless technology, a criminal can steal information or even destroy internal hardware in moments by simply connecting with it. For those that take their devices in public places such as an airport, it is a good idea to invest in products designed to stop physical access to one’s laptop, tablet, or smartphone. These locks latch over the various ports of a computer or can even manually turn off Bluetooth and wireless signals to prevent theft or damage from wireless connections or malware loaded onto a USB stick.

Tips For Keeping Your Hardware Safe and Running Smoothly

Removing Dust and Dander

For those that have owned a laptop for an extended period of time, it will become obvious that overheating is one of the most common causes of hardware damage. A laptop that is running hot will not only reduce its lifespan, it could also permanently damage the wiring, processor, or memory. At least a few times a year owners should either clean out all of the dust and gunk from their own computer or pay a specialist to clean the hardware, fans, and vents.

Building Automation

Most modern businesses and homes depend on at least some degree of automation to keep their buildings safe and useable. Though the technology used to automate buildings is often ignored until it needs repairing or resetting, its safety and performance should be a top priority. If you live or work in an automated building, an expert from Kele recommends make sure all equipment is kept safe and protected from damage by using the appropriate enclosures and covers.

Finding the Right Covers

Everyone is bound to drop their laptop at some point or put their phone into their pocket with a set of keys. Unfortunately, this could lead to serious hardware damage that may render the device completely unusable. In order to prevent this, owners should find an impact-resistant case designed specifically for their device as well as a scratch-resistant or scratch-proof screen.

Tracking Solutions

Without the proper tracking tools, a laptop, phone, or tablet that is stolen will most likely never be found again. One of the few options to recover one’s belongings is with third-party tracking software. This software is installed onto a computer and nearly impossible to remove without the correct passwords. If the device is lost or stolen, the program can be used to track its location, lock the device, or completely remove all sensitive data.

Quite a bit can be done to protect one’s hardware and the sensitive data that it houses, and all it takes is a little foresight and extra planning to prevent permanent issues stemming from theft, spills, drops, and scratches.