Tablets are quite popular nowadays, since you can easily carry them along inside the house, in your office or within the college campus. The good thing about new Acer Iconia W700-6465 slate tablet is that it makes full use of touch based capabilities Windows 8 provides. Some of the other notable things you will find in this tablet are the pre-paired keyboard, wide viewing with 1080p resolution, cradle and excellent battery life which offers you greater mobility. Let us now dig deeper and see its main attributes and how it performs.

Design Elements

In terms of design specifications, the Acer Iconia is a bit larger than other standard tablets at 0.5 x 11.75 x 7.75 inches and a weight of 2.02 pounds. It has 11.6 inch Gorilla Glass 2 screen which is 16:9 wide. You also get a case which has a screen cover that can be flipped over to make a stand and used while typing or watching videos.

Acer Iconia Slate

The Docking Cradle

You can use a docking cradle which comes with Acer W700-6465 and by using it you can virtually make the tablet turn into a desktop computer. Power is sent from the cradle itself so use of AC adapter is not required. The cradle is also USB 3.0 hub and multiplies the one USB 3.0 port into three. The cradle has removable stand that you can reorient so that the tablet can be placed vertically (for keyboard use as well as group viewing), horizontally (for tapping the screen or typing) or in portrait mode to easily viewing web pages.

Hardware Details

1. Acer Iconia has IPS panel of 1920 x 1080 resolution which makes watching online videos a treat on this tablet whether it is streaming or downloaded video. If you are doing several multitasking work the large panel makes sure that there are no problems with running several programs together.
2. The speakers have Dolby Home Theater (version 4) which is enough to make your movie watching a satisfying experience.
3. W700-6465 tablet has DDR 3 memory of 4GB, SSD of 128GB, 802.11 WiFi and an Intel Core i5 processor. This specification makes sure that you can do most of the tasks you do on a normal laptop like editing pictures and trans-coding videos.

Pre-installed Programs

The Acer Iconia has many programs installed on the drive such as Evernote, Netflix, Amazon Kindle and few others. However, if you want you can also remove some or all of these programs with ease and install almost any other program that is compatible with Windows. There are other programs pre-installed such as Acer Explorer which is used for getting all the updates and view tutorials.


In terms of performance Iconia is much faster in comparison to many ultrabooks such as HP Envy 4-1043cl because of the SSD which is comparatively faster than the hard drives present in ultrabooks. If we look at battery life, it lasts close to seven hours and it’s a lot more than others such as Sony Vaio 11 (3 hours) or the Dell XPS 12 (5 hours).

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