You know how our faces tend to vary in fullness depending on how much sleep we had, weather we exercised that week, had enough water, ate too much salty food, etc? I do, too! And usually, whenever we hope to look our best, something happens and the face just won’t listen! Thankfully, makeup tricks come to rescue and the ones I am about to share are a true life savor!

Best Makeup Tips For Making Your Face Look Thinner

Let’s begin and stay beautiful!

  1. Contouring

Surely one of the quickest and easiest ways to slim your face down is through contouring. All you need is a matte bronzer that you’ll apply on particular areas of your face. You can also use a powder in a darker shade than your complexion or any other contouring product in a darker color. For a slimming effect, you need to contour the hollows of your cheeks. This will create a shadow and make your cheekbones stand out. This is how you contour:

  • make a fish face (sucking your cheeks in)
  • swipe the color under your cheekbone area
  • to blend, use circular motions
  • swipe some color on the sides of your forehead and jawline – this will make your forehead appear smaller a jawline better defined
  • to have your nose appear slimmer, apply a touch of contouring shade on the sides of your nose

After you are done contouring, you switch to blending which is a crucial ingredient of successful face is contouring. The point is to remove any harsh lines and obtain keep seamless and natural looking shadows. Blend the product, until you achieve such appearance

Best Makeup Tips For Making Your Face Look Thinner

  1. Add Some Light

Once countering is successfully done, to emphasize your cheekbones even more, you’ll a hint of light into certain areas of your face. This is where you use a highlighter, or, if you don’t have one you can choose any light shimmery eye shadow. Some opt for mate white without shimmer, yet such option tends to give your face a bit of an old-ish and heavy feel. With a proper highlighter, you help your face get dimension, appear more fresh and glowing and, above all – slimmer!

The best way to apply highlighter is to start with the top of your cheekbones and work upwards, moving toward the temples. You should add some highlighter on the bridge of your nose as well. Again, don’t forget the blending of the product – it needs to be done extremely well!

  1. Blush

Blush will also give your face a slimming effect. The best way to apply blush is to follow the line along the apples of your cheeks. Then, work the blush upward for slightly lifting and slimming effect. The best way to know for sure where to apply blush is to smile a little and see where your cheek apples pop. Depending on your skin tone, opt for a pink or bronze blush.

Best Makeup Tips For Making Your Face Look Thinner

  1. Haircut

Picking the wrong haircut can do so much damage to the look of your face. If you have a round face or that few extra holiday pounds went straight to your upper part, don’t chose a haircut that is too short. Choosing a layered, middle length or long hairstyle that will hide part of your cheeks and chin is the best option you can go with. Always go with a side parting as this way a part of your face will be hidden, immediately slimming it down. Side swept fringe will too help frame your face and make it appear thinner, especially when you pair them up with proper makeup like we talked up – naked tan with a little bronzer and the world is you runway! Blunt cut bangs should be avoided by all means as they give out the illusion of wider cheeks.

  1. Hair Color Matters

Who knew hair color mattered when it comes to our faces looking slim or wide! Well, it appears they do, and pretty much! Apparently, lighter tones make your face appear wider while dark colors tend to slim it down. This doesn’t mean you have to change your hair color radically. You can always go with some highlights and lowlights. The part of your hair closest to the face should be darker, that is – this is the perfect place for lowlights (or strands of darker tones). Leave lighter tones or highlights for near the crown, as this way you’ll be making your face appear slimmer and giving dimension to your look.

Don’t you already feel your face is slimmer and that you are looking absolutely gorgeous?