If you are a clothes and accessories lover, then having a walk in wardrobe is probably a big dream! For those of you who are in a position to get a walk in wardrobe, we are here to give you a few hints and tips when it comes to designing so that you can make the most of the space! Some of these things you might have already thought of, and some you might never have thought of, so we’re sure that you’ll be able to take something useful from this. So, let’s get into it and prepare to be inspired when it comes to designing your walk in wardrobe! 


Have Dual Hanging Layers

One of the most important things to remember when designing your walk in wardrobe is to have dual hanging layers. By this, we mean having different hanging sections that are different heights depending on what will be going there. For example, you will have a taller hanging section for dresses and trousers, a wider one for coats that take up more space and then smaller sections for skirts, shirts and t-shirts. 

This will make sure you have space for everything you need, but it also is maximising the use of the space, as you won’t be left with big empty sections underneath shorter clothes that is going to waste. 


Invest In Good Lightin

Our next tip is to invest in good lighting. This will involve beautiful overall lighting, as well as smart lighting that brightens particular sections when they are opened. This will streamline your entire walk in wardrobe, helping you to find things easily without having very bright lighting in all sections at all times. Having segmented lighting is also more eco-friendly, of course. Depending on the design of your walk-in-wardobe, we like drawers and wardrobes to be lined with warm white LED’s and then have a larger light fixture that will be a focal point of the room. 

Lighting really helps to bring any room to life, so it is worth investing in for your walk in wardrobe. 


Have Some Open and Some Closed Sections

Another design feature we would always recommend for your walk in wardrobe is to have some open and closed sections. There are particular clothes that hang so nicely and will be a beautiful asset to the walk in wardrobe, like your fanciest dresses, luxury coats, your favourite luxury womens tracksuits all in different shades or your shoes and bags. However, some things just don’t look as good when hung and can make everything look quite cluttered. Equally, the room can look cluttered if everything is on show! 


So, select your favourite types of clothing and when you’re designing the walk in wardrobe, make sure to incorporate spaces where they can be seen without cupboard doors. If you don’t want things completely open, you could go for clear glass doors for these sections for the best of both worlds! 


Have A Central Island

If you have the space in the room, we would always recommend that you have a central island. For those of you dealing with an especially large space, there are only so many wardrobes you can have, so an island in the middle is a beautiful addition that adds extra storage and also helps to balance out the room. You could have glass storage on top of the island for some of your prized accessories, then drawers within the island itself. You could even use this section as a beauty area, for makeup and perfumes, so you have everything in one place. Another fun thing you could do is have an island with a comfortable little suede bench attached to one side, so you have somewhere to fasten your shoes in the room. 

You could then really brighten this area by having the main light fixtures hanging above. 


Get Dividers In Your Drawers

Something that is a game changer when it comes to walk in wardrobes is having dividers in your drawers. This helps you to see everything so much more clearly within your drawers, whether its for your jewellery, watches, underwear, ties or gymwear. You will find what you are looking for so much easier and this is a really affordable addition that will make getting ready much more straightforward. Also, this helps you to keep things organised, as you won’t be pulling your drawers apart when you can’t find what you’re looking for! 


Make Use Of The Room Height

When considering the design, make sure you always make use of the room height. If you are having fitted wardrobes, make sure they go right up to the ceiling, as you want to access as much space as possible. Even if you think you might not need it for your clothing, you could buy neat storage boxes to go into these areas where you can store off-season clothes or other bits from around the house to keep everything looking pristine. You can also use some of the wall space for mirrors or shelving where some of your best shoes and bags could be on display. Often people don’t make the most of the height of a room but it can transform the potential of your dressing room significantly. 


Don’t Forget A Safe

Within your dressing room we would always recommend having space for a safe! This is a great place to keep all of your most expensive jewellery just in case the worst might happen. Get a fireproof safe and then you can also keep important documents like passports, wedding and birth certificates in here so you know they are safe. Having one in your home really can’t hurt and it gives you that extra bit of protection should you ever need it. 


Implement A Full Length Mirror

Something that should never be left out of a dressing room design is a full length, wide mirror. This might be a large decorative standing mirror or a wall mounted one, but when you have enough clothes to fill a dressing room it’s probably going to be hard to pick what to wear every now and again, so of course you will want to be able to easily try things on without having to trapse to other rooms! You could get a mirror with built in lighting so you can see exactly what each outfit looks like. Some mirrors have lights that can be adjusted to evening light, indoor light and natural outdoor light, so you know exactly what it will look like in all sorts of different situations. This is such a great addition that shouldn’t be missed!