This is the most important topic today I am catering here to explain you few things about the residential properties in Gurgaon.

I will explain few points to all of you who are interested buying an apartment or flat with upcoming residential projects or existing residential projects.

Dream Home In Gurgaon

In the city of dream dwellers, finding home is not a piece of cakewalk. One needs to think million times before writing down the buying pre-requisites for the apartments. One does not go just for the location or budget, the list consists of many things other than the basics that everybody has to keep in mind.

We might rate the infrastructure as number one on our priority list but home is a happy place that you feel like coming back to every evening. When exhausted after work and you just wish to be sent to your hide-out, the place you wish to go should pull you towards it. One essential while buying home is that you seek to stay in this space for a foreseeable future and this property should fulfill the needs of all the members of your family.

  • What is near buy your home?

Now that you have let your dreams fall in the right area, get on with the budget and wish list. The activity is to evaluate in between things that you desire and things that you ‘Know’ you need. Do not forget that we are a part of big communities and we always need near by’s to hold us together even when we go for office or just for a walk in the evening. Look for an easy communications and good connectivity if you like to travel by public conveyance. Also keep in mind that the neighborhood must not be too noisy and there are restaurants and general stores at convenient distance.

  • Validity of your home life?

Age might not matter for people who are in love but it does matter when it comes to buying an apartment. The flat need make-over & development depending on how many years you want to add to its life with you. The case could be that your flat does not need any work and just wants you to start living in it. But do look into the things that might have requirements and changes before finalizing it. It is best to choose a new apartment if you are thinking of customizing your rooms according to your own.

  • Flat style which you like

Your flat should reflect your personality and liking. It should define you in the best possible way to visitors. If you are fond of antiques your room must show it. Your flat should speak about your personality more than what you say about yourself by just visiting your room. You should also check about the terms & conditions associated with the community you are going to be part of that. Remove those things from the list which look like a complete turn off for your personality and mind.

  • Space for all

The Flat should have enough space for each of family members. The space that you live in might reach your current needs but always remember that your future needs will change with time and might be with upcoming members in your home. The flat should offer relaxing space for the people to grow and flourish.

  • Costs

It is the very important factor and time to avoid a big hole in your pocket. Discreetly make a list of your expenses. You should keep in mind that there are expenses other than the monthly and yearly payments of the apartment. At a level costs tend to remain same and at few extents costs change with time.

Gurgaon’s housing report card for 2015

Gurgaon is one of the major real estate markets in the country, especially in the National Capital Region (NCR). As per the report published by JLL, Gurgaon too has been hit by the recent slump that has gripped the country’s realty sector. In recent times, housing prices have fallen, sales have come down, new launches have decreased, and overall sentiment has nosedived.