If you are looking to make your living area more homely, you’re in the right place! We are here with a few simple tips that can completely transform your living area. From small changes to bigger ones, we have something no matter your budget!


Add More Soft Furnishings

Our first tip for you is to add more soft furnishings to your home. This is such a simple way to make a positive change, as it can make it feel so cosy. Even if you are renting, you can easily make this change, as of course they are not permanent changes. Add a rug, fluffy blankets and cushions to the space and watch it come to life. This is such a good chance to add a splash of colour if you don’t want to do so through the walls and you can also experiment with different textures. 


Change Your Lighting

Our next tip is to change up your lighting. Having dark and dingy lighting is one of the worst things you can have in your living room. So, swap out your old lightbulbs for nice warm yellow ones (energy saving, of course) and you will instantly feel warmer and cosier in the space. If your actual light shades need changing, choose something that allows lots of light to be reflected around the room. This is such an affordable and effective way to really transform your living area. 


A Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the most affordable and effective things you can do to refresh your living area is to add a fresh paint of coat. You may think that your room doesn’t need painting, but as soon as you’ve done it, you’ll soon realise that it definitely did! You could go for something colourful, or even a very simple light shade with the right decoration and accessories is just what a space needs. Especially if the room is small, then a nice simple and light colour is the most effective thing you can do! Overall, this can cost next to nothing (you could even look on local marketplaces to find leftover paint people don’t need) and can help you fall in love with the room again. 


Add Custom Blinds

Next up, you should add custom blinds to your living space! This is one of the more expensive options, but it is perhaps the most effective when it comes to transforming a space. First, they look incredible and can easily be tailored to suit the decor of the room, although we would always advise something timeless like white or oak plantation shutters. You can also continue the custom blinds through the rest of the house for consistency to get the most out of them, such as for your conservatory roof blinds and in your bedrooms! As well as the obvious aesthetic appeal, when blinds are made purposely for your windows, and to the exact measurements, it helps to prevent cold air entering and hot air escaping, helping to reduce your energy bills. So, although this can be costly, over time you can save a significant amount of money. 


Add A Piece of Statement Art

Another thing you can do to transform your space is add a statement piece of art. If you have a large blank wall in your living area, often it can make the entire space look quite dull. So, adding a large piece of statement art (this could be a wall art print which are more affordable), you truly can bring the space to life. You could go for something quite unique and quirky, or something more simple and contemporary, but as soon as you put the piece up you will wonder what the space ever looked like without it! Try to add a few accessories around the room to tie the colours within the piece of art in.