When there is a need of underground water to be retrieved from the deep layers of earth, there is nothing better than a bore pump. The boring is done till the level of water that is hidden into the layers of earth after seeping through all those layers and after that bore water rising main pipe is installed. It is into this pipe that the pump pumps the water to make it accessible for use.

The Advantages Of Perfect Bore Water Rising Main

  • The underground pump is useless if there is nothing to carry out that pumped water from the bore well.

  • It should be strong so that the lateral pressure of water being pumped into the pipe does not rupture the pipe.

  • It should be durable so that once it has been installed in place, it can do the required job for years to come.

  • If possible one must try to install the rising pipes that are reusable and can be used in some other place if at all the need be.

There are many types of pipes that are being used these days and all of them have some or the other advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages Of Perfect Bore Water Rising Main

Steel pipes: These pipes are the pipes that have been used from the very beginning of the ore wells. These are rigid pipes and deliver the pumped water well as steel is a strong alloy. The only disadvantage of this pipe is that it is not very durable and in long run it starts corroding and literally rusts away. Also, the internal scaling is a big problem in these pipes.

PVC pipes: These pipes are strong as well as durable but the problem is that their walls may get coated with salts from water and they may just not remain useful in the longer run. These pipes are very heavy and it takes a lot of effort and manpower to get them installed. The PVC is plastic and long contact with water makes it brittle and may even bend.

Flexible pipes: Bore water lay flat hose is a convenient option these days as they can be easily installed, are easy to carry because of their low weight and have high efficiency. It easily attaches to the pump and then the pump is inserted into the bore. It can also be attached to the other piece of lay flat hose easily to transfer water to longer distances.


The flexible lay flat hose is better than many other rigid pipes because of many reasons.

  • It can be transported easily and at a lower cost because it requires lesser space for storage.

  • The flexible pipes are light in weight.

  • They can not only be easily installed but also easily retrieved.

  • There is no chance of corrosion of any kind.

  • There is also no fear of encrustations.

  • The design is such that most of the submersible pumps accept the hose.

  • You can use these flexible pipes for pumping water from the depths of 250 meters.

  • The flexible hose is a good investment because they are completely corrosion resistant.

  • Since the installation is easy, the labour charges are low and you can order it according to the length you require.

The bore water rising main is the only way of retrieving water lying in the deeper layers of earth. If this method is not employed the humans will remain dependent on the wells and ponds for the supply of water for various purposes. This is especially true in the developing nations. So, you must choose the right kind of bore water rising main so that you can enjoy its benefits for a longer period of time.