To become eligible to drive a vehicle it is important that you pass the driving test. There are two types of driving test: theoretical test and practical test. To pass the theoretical test it is important first to pass the theoretical test. On passing the theoretical test successfully, you get a license to drive a vehicle. If you have enrolled for a theoretical test but due to some circumstance you want to cancel or pre-pone/postpone the test, then you will need to perform a procedure.

Changing the Theory Test Booking?

You can change the time of the test or the venue where you would be giving the test. You can search for a new slot. Getting your desired slot depends on the availability of the slot.

Requirements to change or cancel your test booking

You can only apply for the cancellation of your theory test if it has been confirmed. There are certain things that you would require to cancel or change the date/ time or venue of the theory test. offers an easy way to book your theory and practical test online at the venue, date and time selected by you.

  • You need to show your photo provisional driving license that is valid. People who have old styled license without their photo affixed on it then they need to bring their valid passport that has their photo on it. If you do not provide a valid photo passport, then your documents won’t be accepted. You will also lose the fee.
  • Minimum three working days of notice is required prior to the date of your test. If you fail to do, you will lose the fees you have paid for the test.

Will I get a confirmation letter when I book a theory test?

When you choose the online mode to book your theory test, then you would get an instant confirmation mail. This mail will mention all the important information about your test.  You need to print the ticket on your own and bring it to the venue at the time of your test. If a person chooses to book a test through the post or phone, then they should receive a confirmation letter by post.

What is the structure of a theoretical car driving test?

The structure of booking a car driving test comprises of two parts. You have to complete both the parts on the same day. The first part is a multiple choice test that comprises of questions consisting of the traffic rules as set by the authority. You need to select one option for every question.

The selection has to be done by touching the computer screen. There can be case studies too that displays scenarios. Based on this scenario, you need to enter the right answer for a question. Real life examples are used to frame the questions so that the testing authority can judge the knowledge of the person correctly.

The second part of this test is an interactive video-based test to scan different settings of the road from driver’s perspective.

Online test booking sites provide an easy arrangement to book the test, modify the test, take the test or cancel the test in an easy and efficient manner.