Web Designing is in the trend and that’s not a new thing anymore. Professionals who are already employed in the IT field are going for courses in web designing because they want to make the best use of their inherent passion and creativity. Today, learning web designing has become relatively easier. Thanks to the reputed institutes offering comprehensive courses in the same and also conducting placement programs for the students to get exposure in the corporate world. However, if you are up for learning web designing and working as a professional, there is a lot more that you need to know about apart from just the overall knowledge of web designing.

If you are fortunate enough to have enrolled yourself into one of the best institutes for web designing courses in Kolkata, you will learn about trends in web designing and how these affect the daily work structure in IT. A reputed institute has a faculty that not only imparts you with knowledge but also shares their experiences for you to get prepared on more practical grounds. Sounds interesting? Well, for an emerging web designer, here is a list of top trends to watch out for in the field of designing this year.

Video Backgrounds will Get Popular

Watching a video about a product is way more interesting than reading through a lot of texts and browsing individual images. The popularity of video backgrounds establishes the fact that websites are basically storytelling tools and their effectiveness increases when visuals and motions are involved. HD quality videos are going to have endless possibilities this year and in the subsequent years to come.

Mobile- The First Design will be a Priority

Today, mobile phones are turning out to be more popular than desktops and laptops. That explains why it is better to design content and web pages for the mobile interface at first. Taking a mobile- first approach ensures that you maximize your potential and reach more of your target audience.

Large Background Images will Rise

People tend to get bored of the clichéd stock photography. However, we do use images to engage more with users and illustrate the message we are trying to send. Large background images are visually more appealing and designers are expected to increasingly go for these.

Modular Designs are Emerging Fast

Modular or grid based designs are not new but they are nevertheless quite amazing. They are reusable and responsive-friendly with the tiles stacking smoothly on different screens and form a flexible layout that looks nice and clean on any screen size.

So, these along with many other trends are going to dominate 2016. Keep yourself updated to make the most of your knowledge in designing.