Any article/essay/summary/central idea would be interesting for the readers if there is glance in the writing. The peek and attraction which increase the engraving and interest of a reader will be based on the correct use of language, tenses, grammar, punctuation and other language parameters. However, a non-native could have problems in his/her write ups but this weakness can be overcome by constant reading or help from various literature tools and books. Later on, the proof reading could also further polish the articles. Here on this page, you can read about some of the most common errors often occur in essay writing. These can be divided in two major types which are as follow:

  • Errors in Sentence
  • Errors in Text

Errors in Sentence

Spelling Mistake

The most observing error in any reading stuff is the spelling mistake. One has to avoid this mistake with the help of dictionary or spell checking software. Microsoft word has also its own language built-in software and by using these accessories, this problem could be resolved.

Use of Fragments

The presentation of idea in the form of fragments will lose the interest of readers as it shows the incompleteness in your sentence. There is lack of subject when we use fragments and you can avoid this error by rewriting your sentence and adding the subject line to give its full and complete meaning

Use of Run-on Sentences

This error is also common in sentences when a student writes two ideas in a single sentence without the use of proper punctuation and it confuses and obscures the reader. A coordinating conjunction or a subordinating one can be used to divide them so the error from run-on sentences can be removed.

Lack of Punctuation

The inappropriate use or lack of proper punctuation in a long sentence is another major problem. If anyone wants to write a long sentence, he/she must add the punctuation to provide a good gesture in your writing.

Use of Correct Verb

The freshness and evidence in your narrative come by the use of correct verb in your sentence. The presentation of your idea in an essay is not the only requirement but the understanding of the reader is most important and it can be attained by the correct and proper use of one of the most important language tools that is “VERB”.

Excessive Repetition

The repetition of words and same idea in an essay brings boredom and decreases the chance of rereading your article by the readers. A writer must be compassionate and try to focus that each paragraph has something new and the words which have been used in one sentence should not be repeated in another one.

Variety in Words

A reader is mostly interested in diversified usage of words. Be careful about the proper citing of homophones in your writing and do not be confused while using them because there is always a dead end in your writing if you can’t use variety in your words.

Errors in Text

The most important error in text is the absence of paragraphs in your complete write up. The total absence or its poor division will prone to failure and can’t convey the main idea effectively. A perfect easy must be divided in 4 paragraphs:

1: The thesis of main idea

2: The body of the main idea

3: The evidence and supportive paragraph

4: The ending of conclusion paragraph

At the end, we conclude, that the parameters discussed above can increase the ratings and marks of your idea presentation in an essay. Therefore, you must always try to avoid these commonly occurred errors so your essay can become a really good-read.

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