Among the most vital travelling accessories that make packing and carrying stuff simpler for the travellers are backpacks. Irrespective of how you travel or how much luggage you carry you can simply rely on the efficiency of these backpacks for all your travel requirements. With different types of backpacks available for everyone nowadays, it has become easy for everyone to travel in comfort and style. These essentials are meant for college students, family travel or just for average traveler. With the list of creatively designed backpacks from Chumbak Backpacks you get to travel in style with added comfort and ease.

Geometric Tiger Backpack

Geometric Tiger Backpack is a feature rich backpack from Chumbak Backpacks that makes an ideal companion for all your travelling requirements. Geometric Tiger backpack comes with a flap across mouth that is entirely covered with magnetic closure for button. This backpack has a main compartment with an inside zipper pocket and an enlargeable snap sides button, adjustable strapping is available with a single haul looping. The stylish backpack is comfortable and can be carried anywhere with small measurements of 31cm length and a width of 25 cm.

Speed Racer Backpack

The speed racer backpack from is a perfect purchase for people who are looking out for a simple and small backpack that is easy to carry everywhere. The backpack can be used for a number of purposes such as backpack and travel with Polydrill and PU. Speed Racer Backpack uses front thread detailing and has a main compartment with laptop compartment, external pocket and an additional zipper pocket. The Speed Racer Backpack comes with shoulder strapping that is adjustable and has a loop haul.

Pixel Mania Backpack

Pixel Mania backpack has been loved by everyone and is a simple and sober travel accessory. The bag from Chumbak Backpacks has proper alignment and composition of Polydrill Lining and PU. The Pixel Mania Backpack is an attractive travel bag pack that lets you make a style statement wherever you go. With its creative designing and packing features this back pack is among the most demanded accessories by travellers. With Pixel Mania Backpack you get a single zipper pocket compartment, a front zip pocket on the outside and also a stash pocket on either of the sides. The bag provides added comfort with shoulder strapping.

Beaky Orange Backpack

Beaky Orange Backpack is a simple travelling accessory like sports shoes, watches, camera  that can be used for short journey or just for your morning hike. The backpack is simple yet comfortable and is ideal for storing clothes and other accessories. The Beaky Orange Backpack comes with applique and also has fine detailing with thread embroidery. The bag has flaps crossing through its mouth and is also secured tightly with magnetic button. It has a single main compartment and also a zipper pocket attached inside. The small bag also has shoulder strapping for adjustments and also inside zipper pockets.

Eclectic Owl Backpack

The Eclectic Owl Backpack from Chumbak Backpacks is a small and comfortable for kids and teenagers that can be used for a number of purposes such as camping, trails, picnics, travelling and also as a college bag. The backpack has a basic college bag design with multiple strappings for comfort and ease of storage. The Polyester bag pack has travel friendly features with different compartments for carrying different essentials.

Geometric Animals BackPack

A multipurpose backpack that is ideal for travelers as well as college students. Geometric Animals backpack can be used for packing clothes and accessories and other small essentials. The backpack would be perfect for carrying on a short hike or just for a picnic party. The geometric Animals backpack from Chumbak Backpacks is made with polyester as outer material and lasts long. The bag measurements are 43 cm in length and 27 cms in width.