Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if your bae isn’t the romantic cliché then finding the perfect gift is a task in itself. While most gift shops are overflowing with objects that are red and heart shaped, you have to find something that’s not. Flowers are cliché, chocolates are cliché too, and so what do you do? Especially when you have a budget to consider? Well, you could make use of some of these snapdeal coupons and we’ll give you a couple of fun ideas to help you out!

So here is a list of things you can gift to your sweetheart who is not-so-romantic:

1) Hot-wheels

Most of us loved them as kids and with the amazing new racetracks that are available we’re going to love them even more. They make fun decorative pieces for your living room, all your friends will be super jealous when they see them, maybe more for having such an awesome partner. You can also fix a race or two with your partner and see who wins! (If you have a better budget you could try an RC car too)

2) Books

Anyone who reads can tell you that no matter how many books you have, they’re not enough. So you can always add to their collection by finding them the perfect book. If you want to keep it slightly romantic, find them a romantic one or you could dive into the world of mystery and thrill. It’s really about what they like better.

3) Mobile Accessories

Everyone has a mobile phone and mobile accessories are fun subtle things that you could play around with; get them in pairs with a cartoon pair on each of them, or find colours that could blend in well. You can also find patterns or designs that connect to each other or get something special printed on them. This one is slightly romantic, but the whole world won’t even know about it!

4) Stationery

Sounds stupid? Well, you’ll be surprised to find out just how many people absolutely love these. From diaries, notepads to coloured pens, scented erasers, it’s a world of endless possibilities. If you sweetheart spends a lot of time in the stationery section, it’s a hint! They’re a closeted stationery lover, or they could be out and proud about it too. Either way, you could buy some amazing diaries made from handmade paper or some fun crafty items.

5) Painting / Art

What better way to express your love than through art. Not everyone might understand it but you do, and your partner does too. Find the perfect painting, or one that’s available as a pair. You could keep one and gift them the other half of the painting. It’ll be a subtle reminder of your love, not very fancy but sweet. It’s better than having a pair of gold fishes that could die, plus keeping them apart seems so cruel.

So, what are you gifting this valentine’s day?