Webs are your one destination to get all the essential tools to build your own website. Webs have rich features which enable to build a website which fulfills all your needs. Building and maintaining a website can be a very difficult. With webs, you get a lot of help like themes, apps and many other valuable materials to build your website. Along with these, you also get features like SEO optimization, social integration and many others to keep your website conspicuous to the users and get more traffic. Using these services greatly benefits your website by increasing its beauty and helps in making it popular among web users. A lot of times, an informative website does not get too much traffic. This happens because the website is not well designed. During the planning stage of the website, care must be taken to design the website in a way that makes it unique and attractive. For this purpose, creative designs and set-up is essential.

Webs offer a rich set of resources to make websites that stand out. For various types of websites like blogs, e commerce, informational or any other, Webs has just the right features you would want. Along with the designing, the website also has to be search engine friendly. It has to abide by all the rules set by the popular search engines, to be listed in them. This is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Webs offers fully search engine friendly websites which comply with all the rules. Thus, your website is given preference in the search engines and you benefit from them.


The Services Which Makes Webs A Preferred Choice For Website Building Are:

Free Website Builder

The free website builder allows some of the basic features for building your website. You will get a wide array of themes to choose from, for your website. Along with this, you will also be given 0.5 GB of bandwidth and 40 MB of web storage. You can only display 5 items in your web store. Even with a free account, you will get a mobile website which syncs with your regular website. However, your mobile users will have to bear with too many ads. This is not the case with a paid account. Thus, one can see that the free website builder offers very limited services and is a fraction of what the paid one has to offer.

Paid Website Builder

In this the user gets to choose from a number of premium packages. Each package differs in the number of features and Advanced Web statics, Unlimited Storage and so on. The cost also changes accordingly. The first packages are for as low as $3.75 per month. The features include unlimited pages, password protection, premium themes and email support. This package is useful to people who are new to website building and are just beginning their venture. The second package is for as low as $7.50 per month. This is perfect for business that is well developed and need a good number of features for their website. The features include all the ones in the earlier package along with additional ones like a custom domain name, advanced website statics, $100 ads credit and much more. The last package is for as low as $16.50 per month. The features include a lot of useful things like SEO booster, mobile website, online e commerce store and many more. This package is suitable for well expanded online stores. Thus the paid account has a lot more to offer and is more reliable.

Overall, Webs covers all the details necessary for a successful website.