Styling for autumn isn’t the easiest thing to do, as for most of us, we immediately think of adding extra layers to the outfit and hope it does the job. To add to the decision-making process, autumn is a strange time of year for the weather. Sometimes you will get a hint of winter and other days, you will feel the warmth of summer. There is no winning with the weather during autumn, however, we have some tips on how to style for the autumn months, so that you can feel comfortable and look stylish all season long. 

A Layer To Protect Yourself From The Weather

During autumn, you will experience many weather conditions; wind, rain, hail, and sunshine. As you never know what the weather will be during this time of year, the best thing to do is get yourself one solid layer that you can easily layer other pieces of clothing underneath if you need to, or just a t-shirt if it’s warm enough. 

So, buy yourself a coat that isn’t too thick but will keep you dry. A quilted jacket is the usual go-to for autumn however, a Harrington jacket can also be a good choice for something a bit different that is guaranteed to go with everything. A windbreaker or utility jacket can also be a good piece to wear, but no matter what you pick, the priority is to find a diverse jacket that will keep you warm and dry throughout the autumn months. 

It Is Time For Boot Weather

There is often a lot of rain during autumn, meaning you need to wear the appropriate footwear for it. It is time to put away those white tennis shoes that you wear throughout summer and put on a pair of boots that will keep your feet dry and that are more durable in wet weather. 

Boots will become your best friend during autumn and are an essential piece for your winter wardrobe. Furthermore, you need to ensure that they are waterproof. Chelsea, desert, Dr Martens or chukka boots are all great for this time of year. Just make sure to wear them around the house, as although they can last you for years, they can give you blisters early on! 

Furthermore, these boots are fantastic for the outfits you wear during autumn, whether it’s a more chunky jumper and jeans or a t-shirt and jeans on warmer days. Additionally, they are appropriate for smart-casual wear, allowing you to wear them in the office. This is a great, diverse shoe that will see you through the worst weather that often comes with autumn. 

Time To Layering

In autumn, you should be layering with thin jackets and sweaters. Wearing lightweight materials allows you to take them off and on whenever you want. You can easily put a lightweight jacket or sweater in your bag if the temperature has increased, or you can roll one up to keep in the bottom just in case you need it. 

The materials that you should be wearing for these unpredictable months are cotton or wool, as they are breathable but still warm, the perfect combination for autumn. 

Overshirt Season

Purchasing several overshirts for autumn is essential as it is easy to layer and looks effortlessly stylish. Furthermore, it meets the jacket and shirt in the middle, making it the perfect thickness for this time of year. 

On those warmer days when you know it will be sunny all day and isn’t too cold, an overshirt is the perfect jacket for that. The type of jacket you can just throw on over your long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt. Plus, it makes the perfect layer to wear in between a jacket and a t-shirt for when it gets even colder.

Overshirts are a must-buy for this time of year for every male out there. Ensure that your jacket is neutral so it can go with whatever you wear underneath such as dressy leggings or a pair of jeans!

Do Not Neglect Skincare

Skincare is essential for this time of year. You need to keep that face protected as it can face some harsh weather conditions. Skincare is important all year round however, it is more important than ever due to the variation in temperatures. 

People will automatically think that because there are more clouds in the sky, you don’t need sun protection. That is not the case as there will be days during autumn when the sun will be shining. Ensure your facial cream contains vitamin E to repair damaged skin and a little SPF to stop your face from ageing. 

The Essential Work Bag

When you are going to work, you need something waterproof. Ideally, a brown or black leather back would be great to keep the water out. Nonetheless, a backpack can also do the job if it is made from the correct material. The last thing you want is important documents getting wet on your way to work, and if you aren’t an umbrella fan, this is essential. Plus, the right bag provides the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. 

Another reason you need a bag is that you need somewhere to put your extra layer. During autumn, the temperature will change, meaning you need a place to put your jumper into your bag in case the weather takes a turn. Keeping a simple and practical bag with you as you travel to and from work is a must. 


Overcoat For The Rain

During autumn, you must be prepared for the drop in temperature and the rain. That is when it is the perfect temperature for an overcoat aka Overcoat weather. Finding an overcoat isn’t easy although it is the perfect jacket for this time of year. Furthermore, there are a couple of things you need to look out for. 

The priority for your overcoat is ensuring it is made out of waterproof material. Waxed cotton, nylon and polyester are all great materials for your overcoat. Furthermore, they are not a thick material which goes onto our next feature to look for with a coat. 

With your overcoat, you need to ensure that it is a thin material as there is still a chance of warm temperatures. Autumn is that time of year when it could be raining in the morning before being 15 degrees later on during the day. 

As mentioned earlier, when choosing your jacket for autumn, you need to ensure it is lightweight and waterproof. You will be taking this jacket off a lot during autumn and carrying it around with you so ensure it isn’t heavy. 


There you have it, the essential pieces for your wardrobe. Remember, you will need to wear lightweight clothes, especially with your jacket. You also need to ensure they are waterproof as you can expect rain this time of year.