Are you looking for a perfect gift for your friend, something which would be liked by him and would be a thing of utility? Then probably you have come up to the right place. The sports sunglasses at geabest are the right option for you. They have been designed keeping in mind the recent trend and fashion, which is the reason it is liked by most of the young people in the town. Not only this, along with being trendy and stylish they are quite useful too and can be used as a protection against UV rays. For individuals who are interested in making purchase of this product for themselves or as a gift of their friends and family then you can place an online order at  The product is available at affordable price of USD 2.43, thus customers having a budget constraint can also consider this an option and thus enjoy some of the amazing underlying features of the product.


Some of the amazing features of OULAIOU UV400 Sports Sun Glasses Explosion proof Eyes Protector for Outdoors Use – GRAY which makes it appropriate for use and purchase have been listed below;

  • It acts as protection against sun and UV rays which can act harmful for the eyes.
  • They are quite light in weight, owing to which customers can carry this product easily without much trouble.
  • The glasses can be carried while you are out for some outdoor activities like riding, fishing, skiing etc.
  • They are available at affordable prices, hence customers who have a budget constraint to follow need not have to think much before purchasing the product.
  • These are also called as cycling sunglasses which are appropriate to be used for outdoor activities.
  • It can be used by both male and female, so can be used by all or any one of them.

Product specifications

By going through the specifications you will get a complete idea about what the product is all about and if it will suit your purpose;

  • Lens color of the product is gray and tea color.
  • Frame is available in black and other assorted colors.
  • The product weight only 0.029 kgs which makes it easy and convenient to carry.
  • The sun glasses maintain a UV protects level of 400 which is just appropriate to protect eyes of users against harmful rays of sun.

The above mentioned specifications thus make the product one of the best available products in the market, which can be easily purchased to be used for different outdoor activities. The different activities in which it can be purchased includes cycling, swimming, skiing etc. So, once you have decided to make purchase of the product just order it online and use any of the convenient payment methods to make purchase of the product. Once the order has been placed, the online website makes sure that the product is delivered to the customer right on time and in right condition. The packaging policies of the online companies makes sure that the product is packed using right methods, which keeps it protected and delivers it to customers in the right condition which makes it a complete useful product.