Liberalization, along with advancement in technology, has made it possible for people all around the world to gain access to useful products made from Baltic Amber. These products are known to improve health of the people who wear it. From reducing teething pain in children to treating inflammations, Baltic amber can help in many ways. Wear it as a Baltic amber bracelet, necklace and ring or apply it as a cream or oil.

The following are a few ways in which we can reap the benefits of a resin as precious as Baltic amber.

Health Necklaces for Everyone

Beads of natural Baltic Amber is put together to create necklaces. The beads assembled are made from raw and unpolished Amber. Similar Baltic amber necklaces have been adorned by Polish women for centuries because of their healing powers. The powers held by amber were described as magical by the people who lived in Europe in the times before allopathy and antibiotics. When worn, health necklaces and bracelets touch your skin to transfer the benefits of succinic acid, the operative health-inducing chemical inside Baltic Amber.

To maximize the advantages of amber, make sure you get jewelry made with authentic Baltic amber. The beads of amber must be unpolished and raw. If you feel that the raw texture makes your sensitive skin go itchy, you can go for the semi raw amber.

Teething Necklaces for Babies

Long-ago, caring mothers in Europe observed that putting Baltic Amber around their baby’s neck helped alleviate the horrible pain of teething. The development was noted and the remedy caught on. Today, mothers all around the world are using baby teething necklaces on this kids. Surely, you have seen toddlers wearing those pretty honey colored necklaces.

Amber Tinctures

Baltic amber tinctures are liquid extracts that you can consume orally. These work as health inducing and curing additives. Not only are they popular for remedy and fitness, they are also famous as cure for hangover.

Amber Aromatherapy

The aromatherapy done by burning Baltic amber is gaining traction for its relaxation and other benefits. In history, ambermen in medieval Europe burned the resin in their shops and homes. They say it helped them survive the black plague that was driven off without any loss of life. The protective fragrant fumes keep people healthy and their homes free of mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

Amber Powder

Amber is sometimes polished to give it a smother texture and different shape. The powder released from the process of polishing is called Amber powder. The workers polishing the amber have been exposed to the powder and swear by its therapeutic powers.

Amber Cream

A product of modern technology, amber creams are the result of an amalgamation between amber powder and other naturally health-inducing and painkilling herbs. Amber creams are highly popular among women as they are incredible anti aging creams.

Amber Oil

Another age-defying miracle, the amber oil is the result of dry distillation of the resin. It is liquid in nature and can be used either for aromatherapy or for direct application to the skin to beautify it skin or heal any sort of injury.