Cell phone signal booster is also known as repeater designed specifically to address the various factors that cause disruptions in cellular signal reception. The repeaters work by capturing outdoor signal, and increase the strength of the signal (which has been captured), and pass it through obstacles with the aim of sending a stronger signal in certain area.

Repeater system is composed of three main components; external antenna, amplifier and internal antenna. The three units are working together and are connected to each other by cable. Some established companies have integrated amplifiers facility that is equipped with an internal antenna. First, the signal emitted by the transmitter tower to be received by the external antenna and then amplified by the amplifier. Once amplified, the signal is broadcast to the internal antenna that will transmit it to a particular area. The system works in two directions, a working system which is able to send back the signal from the phone to the tower with inverted phase.

Today you can find various types of repeater in the market. However, their working principle is constant; therefore you need to pay attention to four important considerations below before purchasing this device.

The potential of the signal amplifier: To achieve optimal function, you have to obtain a stable signal and then amplify it. Repeater is not able to create any signal; this tool can only capture, amplify and transmit the signal that has been amplified. A repeater will not function properly if you position the external antenna in a dead zone or an area where the signal cannot come. The dead zone is often experienced by drivers; therefore they need what called signal repeaters for cars. They can buy these tools in a variety of stores, both conventional and online. I would recommend MyAmplifiers for you who want to buy online.

Signal strength: the strength of the signal transmitted by the internal antenna is directly proportional to the targeted area, such as office space, room, or the car’s cabin. Outside signal will be transmitted into coverage similar to what written in the signal amplifier product description. If you have a weak signal on the outside, then you should choose a more powerful system. The bar in your mobile phone can be used to measure how much the signal strength required, and also as a consideration in positioning the external antenna.

Coverage area: It is determined by square footage that can only be achieved under optimal conditions. We should as much as possible achieve the optimal condition, which is defined as a condition where there is a strong outside signal combined with the best placement of external antenna. To anticipate some of the risks and the reduction of the coverage area, you should choose a system that is capable of amplifying signal more than what you need.

The carrying frequency: Each tower is transmitting signals in a particular frequency range. If your amplifier works outside the range of the carrying frequency, then the tool will not work as it should be. Today, most operators provide two carrying frequencies, namely 850 MHz and 1900 MHz. If the repeater is used as a dual band amplifier, so you can increase both frequencies simultaneously.