Like many vehicles, the Subaru Impreza has a following of drivers who faithfully trade in their existing model for the newest one whenever they are ready for a change. For them, upgrading means getting the newest features and enjoying the new car smell instead of switching for a different model or brand. Parents may simply pass their Impreza down to their kids when they get old enough to drive and then purchase a newer model for themselves. Sometimes it is the other way around, with the teens getting the new vehicles. Many parents appreciate the safety that they know the Impreza will give their kids.

The Subaru Dealership

For many drivers who are loyal to the Subaru Impreza, it isn’t just the car; but also the dealership where it is purchased that matters. Building a relationship with the same dealer gives car buyers a big advantage. They know what their options are; they know they can trust the sales team, and when to buy in order to get the best deal. Customers of Budds’ Subaru say they appreciate shopping with a knowledgeable salesperson who doesn’t apply any sales pressure.

Another reason to stick with the same Subaru dealership is for the maintenance and service needed to keep the car running at its best. The dealership knows the features of the car and the maintenance that is required specifically for it. They also use the best brands of fluids and parts to ensure the vehicle performs up to expectation.

The Subaru Brand

All Subaru cars are getting high ratings for quality and safety. The company only sells seven vehicle models, including cars and crossovers. In spite of a 44-year history of selling cars in the U.S., the company is only responsible for little more than 2% of all auto sales. At the same time, the auto maker has more endorsements for quality and safety than almost every other car manufacturer including Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

The Subaru Impreza has taken the lead in Subaru sales and inspiring brand loyalty that exceeds that of many other manufacturers. This is a significant feat for a company that seems to be trailing when it comes to reach. While safety and comfort are important towards the significance of brand loyalty, there are also a number of features that make the affordable Impreza a first choice and not the car that buyers feel they have to settle for. For instance, it is the only car with all-wheel drive and easy handling that makes it easy to drive in inclement winter weather.

Loyal customers that buy a Subaru Impreza every time they need a car are the best indicators of the value of the car. Most of us know the feeling that you get when you are unhappy with a car purchase and/or the driving experience. The desire to repeat the purchase is the best endorsement that customers can provide. A good value that keeps getting better with each new model is why the Subaru Impreza continues to earn brand loyalty.