Researches show that many people don’t properly secure their cars. They may not use the proper tools to secure their cars. We know that car thieves are always busy looking for ways to steal our cars. Fortunately, there are a few car theft prevention methods that we can choose. It is also important to protect our cars from vandalism and burglaries. There are ways we can do to prevent thieves from finding their way into our vehicle. Vehicle alarms are probably one of the most important things that our car should have today. Nearly all cars have them today and when someone tries to enter our car, it will become really loud.

Car alarms should be at least 120dB to allow it to be heard by many people around it. High quality alarm system can be triggered automatically and accurately, In order to further attract attention, it should honk the horn and flash the headlights. Steering wheel lock is another feature to prevent car theft. It should be a solid, long metal bar that’s attached to the steering wheel. When used properly, the steering wheel can’t be turned. This should discourage people from stealing the car. It’s also an affordable way to keep potential thieves away from the car, because they will choose cars with minimal safety features.

Thieves can also move the car and it is important to prevent that. If they manage to get inside the car, there should be a safety feature to prevent them to hot-wire the electricity system to turn on the car. Armored collars should be able to protect the cabling system and make it much harder for thieves from hot-wiring our car. Although this will not stop very determined thieves with the right tools, most thieves can be discouraged to steal the car. Kill switches are a technically good way to prevent thieves from stealing the car. The flow of electricity that’s needed to ignite the engine will be blocked.

It is a good idea to choose cars with pre-installed anti-theft electronic key that has been preinstalled by the car manufacturer. The car can be operated only with proper coded key. For many thieves, the system is invisible and hard to crack. For car owners, it is very reliable and easy to use. If thieves are still able to get car engine going, we should install tire locks. It means that the car will be impossible or very hard to move. These locks look similar to the steel boots used by police to immobilize cars that are parked in wrong places. These locking systems should be highly visible with bright color to deter thieves. Although they may have the technical skill to remove the lock, it is much more likely that they will choose less secured cars. In general, the best theft-prevention mechanism is deterring thieves in the first place. There should be highly visible security features, so our cars will be less attractive to steal.