With the development of the internet in the latest years, and with the growing of the online marketing niche, scams and frauds are common now. Especially in the SEO business, the market can’t be controlled n any way. This is why it is your responsibility as a user to find only real programs to buy. Don’t worry, as following some simple rules will help you to avoid fake SEO directory submission tools.

Don’t go for those flashy sites promising you a list of 10,000 directories to subscribe. First, a large number of directories mean a slow site that is annoying for interested customers. Second, even an automated SEO directory submission tool can’t handle such a large number of directories. Try to find only relevant directories. Sometimes, signing your page for 30-40 relevant directories is more effective than signing up for thousands of irrelevant search engines.

Watch the forums and blogs. You will find useful information there about relevant directories for your niche. Find seo web designers london that could advice you on choose the right SEO tool to post your articles on those directories.

Avoid flashy sites that “guarantee” you a page rank of 3 or 2. You can be sure those are fake sites, as this Google page rank is only for huge webpages. Sure, you can get there also, but you will need months of hard work, and a simple SEO directory submission tool can’t do this for you by itself. Find a decent SEO directory submission tool that offers you professional services and won’t promise you too much. After all, a SEO directory submission tool is just a helping tool, not the central ax of your webpage.