You might have gone through the pain of confusion after learning all the tricks and tips about color selection for your brand logo. This is very common, however; here are some quick tips to help you ‘start’ designing your logo. Let your creativity spark in the later stages.

Quick Tips On Color Selection For Your Brand Logo

Color Tip 01 – Focus on Brand Personality

As colors are a vibrant element of logos, similarly, colors are not bound to a particular personality, industry or brand. It depends on you and your creativity that how you utilize a color in custom logo designing. The only thing you need to focus is what brand personality you want to build in the minds of audience and customers.

Color Tip 02 – Give Your Rebel Ideas A Try

Professional custom logo design does not mean that you are limited to work on single color only. If your professional skills indicate you to use more than one color in your logo then why not give it a try?

Color Tip 03 – Look Out For What Culture Says

Always relate your client brief with the culture of targeted region. Every color has its own cultural interpretation. Cultures decide how your logo color will be interpreted by a specific audience.

Color Tip 04 – Produce Competitor’s Opposite

Never forget your competitor’s logo. The best way is to develop a totally opposite perception in the minds of people. For example, if the brand’s competitor logo displays a royal and aggressive outlook, then you should work on friendly and fun-loving logo.

Color Tip 05 – Don’t Produce Me-Too

The first benchers are always considered genius students of the class. Similarly, the logos which carry their own brand personality are more influential than the backbenchers. As a dedicated professional custom logo designer, your effort should always be destined to project a first line logo rather than a me-too.

There was interactive survey of association of color with word. See what each color can symbolize with what word.

  • Red color Can be used for hot, love, passion, rebellious, strong, powerful, sex, radical, excited, bold and evil.
  • Orange color is for warm, fall, retro, summer, mellow, friendly, solar, rococo, cottage and inviting.
  • Yellow color can be used for solar, cheerful, happy, fun, summer, jubilant, young, energetic, friendly and sun.
  • Green color symbolizes environment, nature, money, earthy, profit, growth, trust, religion, Dublin, jealousy and trust.
  • Blue color can be used for liberty, smart, cold, music, progress, freedom, medication, royal, and launch.