SAP is a specialized enterprise resource planning solution, famous world wide for its excellent holistic capabilities. On the other hand FICO stands for Finance and Controlling. This ERP solution was designed for first time in the year of 1977 and was initially known as System Analysis and Program Development. These are very generic information indeed but good to start with.


Finance and Controlling are considered the most “in” things of SAP as it covers some of the most sought after areas of SAP. And that’s obvious FICO covers almost the entire bookkeeping and managerial aspect of business. Every corporate using SAP prefers employees armed with FICO certified training. In some case they even train their existing employees too if needed.  So, people generally perceive FICO certification would surely land a good career in IT. However, for that you must know few crucial facts about FICO training.

In case you are aiming SAP FICO get few Things Right:

Firstly, in industry companies prefer employees from academic background of MBA, B. COM, M.COM, ACCA, CA, and CMA, ICWA, BBA or similar. Besides, along with certification and suitable academic background, domain expertise also plays an important role. This is because training could arm you with required tools but how to use that tool in real projects comes only from domain knowledge. Minimum 1 year’s domain expertise is good to start with.

Secondly, like generic SAP FICO training is also available on 3 types of platforms – online virtual classroom based, real life classroom based and self-learning manual based. Depending on your scope and availability you can choose any of them. However, as far as value and effectiveness are concerned, classroom stands first. Virtual classroom based training are also becoming quite efficient. Manual based learning is the least valuable from career perspective for obvious reasons. However, if you have deep domain knowledge and basic understanding of ERP; and if you are extremely motivated, manual based courseware can work wonder sometimes.

Next important is the question of expenditure. It depends on 2 things – reputation of institute and degree of interaction and assistance the course offers. For classroom training obviously you need to pay more and such course pay you more also in return. Only thing you must remember is licensed certification. Without SAP licensed certification, you money will flow down the drain as hardly anybody cares without license certificates. Actual value various from location to location; so check online sites and near by institutes for latest cost structure.

Lastly, you need to keep your eyes and ears open; industry requirements vary and your success depends on how much you are in-sync with the industry need. SAP training or SAP FICO training has no alternative without any doubt. A proper certification with hands-on knowledge will get you lot of job offer but be careful to make long term career plan before you move towards any particular direction.
No doubt, this article is a too brief for topic like SAP FICO training; detailed discussion is out of scope for this guest blog post. Hope this will motivate you and help you to dig deeper on this topic. Also feel free to post your queries. You would be glad to answer them.