We are always excited to make the birthday of our dear ones memorable and exciting.  As it is an annually occurring occasion we tend lose interest in its celebration or we lack innovative ideas to celebrate it.  This article will provide you with an alternative and variety to make yours or your near ones birthday better and memorable.

Dubai, the city of dreams and luxury mainly known for its lively nightlife scene will be the best destination to celebrate your birthday. Among all the grandeur in Dubai, the traditional dhow of Dubai is a unique location to celebrate your birthday or make someone else’s birthday momentous. Experiencing the dhow cruise will conjure up the evolution of Dubai as the city known today.

Boat building (dhows) is the traditional practice of people living in the southern gulf especially by the fishing and pearl diving community. Today, there are people from various cities and towns in Dubai practicing the skill handed over to them by their ancestors. The complete touch of man in building the boat, solely through their experience make Dhow even more fascinating to people.

To enjoy the Arabic ambiance explicitly, you need to definitely visit the dhow cruise which reflects the tradition of Dubai. There are two areas in the waters of gulf where dhow cruise is common. One is dhow cruise in Creek and other dhow cruise is Marina. The two locations exhibit their grace and beauty in its unique way. Visitors usually get confused in choosing between them.

Basis on which dhow cruise in Creek and Marina are distinguished:

Unforgettable Memories of Birthday Party at Dubai

  • Landscape
  • Ambience
  • Evolution
  • Expense

While comparing on the basis of sights and views, dhow cruises that sail in Creek is short and portrays the old Dubai, which includes historical building, heritage villages etc. Whereas, dhow cruise in Marina reflects the present day Dubai consisting of modern luxurious hotels, resorts, influential architecture etc. where you could get a worthy experience.

In Creek, the ambience is of busy ground, mainly of business, traffic and other sea trades. Contrasting to it, Marina provides a platform of fun and enjoyment and most importantly privacy without much fuss. We can also get private yachts and fishing boats according to our necessity at Marina.

When it comes to cost, dhow cruise in Marina is more expensive, nearly double the cost of dhow cruise in Creek, but it is worth the quality of experience. The ultimate choice is yours. According to your likes you can choose the place for celebration as both the areas uphold its own charm uniquely.

While Dubai is exhibiting the bliss and richness of its assets in the field of dhows, you shouldn’t have a doubt of where to celebrate birthday in Dubai. Take your friends and family to the dhow cruise in Creek or Marina and enjoy the party with charming scenes, food, music’s etc. and make it extra memorable. Let your coming birthday be special in Dubai!