Keeping carpet clean is the most challenging yet important task as it tends to attract dirt, stains, mold and mildew, and your family’s health can be potentially at risk if you overlook this, and right cleaning measures is the only effective countermeasure against it. Below are some tips to keep your carpet keep and consequently keeping your family healthy.

Vacuum regularly: You really need to work hard on this aspect, ensure that your vacuum is powerful enough to suck the dirt throughout the carpet. Do not speed up the things, let the vacuum use its optimum power at each slot to effectively remove dirt. Vacuuming is imperative to keep carpet clean, and if you don’t have one, then consider buying one, a 1600 W vacuum will do well for most of the carpets, however if you carpet is too big, then you might want to go for 1800 W vacuum cleaner for an effective cleaning.

Clean up liquids immediately: Once the liquid is soaked into the carpet, it becomes very difficult to clean it, hence if the liquid is cleaned immediately when it is spilled, it can save your carpet from getting soiled, here’s a quick tip while cleaning liquid spillovers, use cotton to soak the liquid, and then put baking soda on the spill area, leave it for 15 minutes, and then vacuum it up!Dummies Guide To Keep Carpets Clean

Use Plastic protector at sparingly used parts of the carpet: This is an essential step in keeping the carpet clean, using a carpet protector, which comes at a very low rate, will reprieve you from cleaning a lot of dust from the carpet.

Use salt and lemon to clean carpet: A perfect tip for cleaning up stains, both acts as powerful stain removers, however before you try it out, be sure to test a part of your carper to see that it doesn’t messes up your carpet’s color.

Pay close attention to odor: If there is any part of carper that has foul odor, then treat it with a solution comprising of water and vinegar, keep the ratio 50:50, and take added precaution to ensure that you don’t completely immerse the part of the carpet into the solution, as unevaporated moisture can lead to mold growth.

Go for periodic deep cleaning:   This is great step towards carpet cleaning; however it requires an expensive machine, the machine works on a simple solution consisting of hot water and a chemical cleaner, and is one of the surest ways to get rid of all the stains and odors, however you might have to go for a professional considering that it is expensive to even take this machine on a day’s rent.

Deep cleaning is the best way to keep the carpet clean, because periodic cleanups cannot completely remove stains and odors, however they do help to extend the periods between a major cleaning. And since carpets are expensive, cleaning those warrants great professional skills, and adequate equipments, and you might just consider hiring a professional once in a while for a deep cleaning besides the regular cleanups that you normally do.

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