For the small business owner looking to drive more traffic to their company, offering custom pens to both current and potential customers is the “write” way to go after potential business.

Custom pens can seem insignificant in the broader scope of things with your business, but they are a great reminder to both present and potential customers of who you are, what you offer and how they can go about getting it.

In the event you have not used custom pens in the past to advertise what your business has to offer, look at the different advantages that such vehicles can offer. Among them:

* Small and easy to carry around in order to spread your company’s name;

* Practical item that just about everyone can use at one time or another;

* They take up little space and are lightweight;

* Can be purchased in bulk orders so that you can be well stocked up on them to give out in the office, at community events, trade shows.

Design with Attraction and Budget in Mind

In order to get the ball rolling on custom pens for your small business, start with the design and what you would like to see on the pen. Keeping in mind that space is limited, make sure you maximize what available space there is in order to get the most advertising for your money.

Once you have a few suitable and economical designs in mind, then decide which company you will go with for the design and production of the pens. While you of course will want their two cents and feedback, don’t go into the meeting totally unprepared with no designs on what you want.

A good place to start for coming up with design ideas is likely right in your own home. Take a few moments to look at the pens you have collected over time, seeing which ones stand out to you and which ones seem rather bland.

It is also important to come up with an attractive design that will catch the eyes of consumers, those very same people that you are trying to impress. Pens come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so differentiate your pens from those of the competition. Also keep in mind that you want the pens to be comparable to your branding so that consumers can put the two together.

What message you want with the pens will also be of obvious importance, so think ahead on this one. Given you may only have available a few lines for text, make the message count. Since we live in the Internet age, it makes perfect sense to want your Web site address on the pens.

Lastly, there is little doubt that you will want to know what custom pens will cost your small business.

If you are on a budget as many small businesses are, especially for those just starting out, work within your means. Always remember that there are good deals out there for you, so don’t think that having limited funds to spend means you won’t get a good deal.

Your goal should always be to get a good product for a good price, along with tying your custom pens into your branding and marketing initiatives.

With the right custom pens for your company, you improve the chances of writing a successful business story.

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