When it comes to search engines, the three main search engines known across the globe are, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These search engines go on competing with each other by increasing the user experience. The better services and user experience a search engine provides the greater market share it captures.

Among many others, the primary features that had made Yahoo and Google superior to Bing were:

  • The shopping feed of Google where Google finds the product on very cheap prices.
  • The local deals offered by Google.
  • Social coupon searches and Local searches offered by Yahoo.

All businesses were going towards these search engines and performing web marketing there because of these features. But, now Bing has also stepped in to this arena and has launched the Bing Deals in USA. The major features of Bing Deals are given below.

Bing Deals:

  • With more than 14,000 towns, Bing has over 200,000 offers available across US.
  • Bing Deals collects the offers from major coupon and social sites to find the best deal for the local people.
  • Bing Deals is also accessible through mobile.
  • The Geolocation services can help user find a thing while on the go.

With these features going live on Bing, now local businesses more than ever are in need of a web marketing company, to promote their local business on Bing’s search engine as well.

Bing vs. Google Battle in US Market:

With Bing becoming more competent every day, it has received a lot of allegations from its primary rival, Google. The search engine leader accused Bing saying:

  • That Microsoft’s search platform is copying a few of the search results from Google.

Bing responded to this allegation, providing justification with the help of data from a renowned analytics company. The results showed that:

  • The results of Bing were comparatively accurate than the results shown by Google.

Further, there was a research conducted, and its results showed:

  • In January 2011, the results of Bing carried a 81% success rate.
  • In the same month, the success rate of Google was 65%.
  • In December 2010, also, the success rate of Bing was higher than Google.

According to researchers, in US market,

  • The number of Bing users in US has risen from 10.2% to 14.4% a year.
  • The number of Google users has fallen to 66.4% from 73.4%.
  • Bing has also been powering Yahoo results, therefore, its total searches can be considered round about 29%


In short, the above stats and information show that the businesses that had only been relying on Google for online marketing need to revise their strategy, and consider including Bing as an effective medium to access customers.