Facebook has become a must have for all marketing strategies. In the past few years companies have utilized the ease of creating discounts and coupons to increase followers on their social network pages. This is now a strategy that has evolved to include coupons that require an action to be taken in order to allow users to use the discounts offered. These actions are usually either pressing the “Like” button for the company’s page, or adding the company as a “Friend”. Here is how your company can utilize this feature to create a higher following and gain more exposure.

Creating the Coupon:

If you plan to create an action required coupon, it is suggested to make it on a new tab on your company’s Facebook page. For some users it would appear to be an advanced task that requires a lot of knowledge, however by following the instructions below, even a novice can create the tab and coupon.


  1. Log into your Facebook page and type “Static HTML: Iframe Tabs” in the search bar. Click the first search result in the dropdown list.
  2. Next click the “Add Static HTML to a Page” button and select the page from the drop down list. This will take you to your Facebook page.
  3. On your page click on “Edit Page”, navigate to the “Apps” section and click on “Edit Settings” for the “Static HTML: IFrame Tabs” application. You will get a pop-up for you to enter the custom tab name. Enter the name you want visible on your tab and click “Save” then click “Okay”
  4. Next the “Static HTML” editor will load and you will need to click the “Enable FBML” box if it isn’t already selected.
  5. In the editors “Enter your Content Here” box you will need to type or paste the following code:
    <img src=”YOUR  COUPON IMAGE  URL”>
  6. The first URL you replace will be to your coupon image. The second URL will be to another image you create advising them to “Like” you page first. Once they “Like” your page, the coupon will be visible under that tab. Each time you want to change your coupon you will need to change the first image URL with your new coupon image. After entering the URL’s click “Save and View Tab”. The page will load showing you what your new fans will see when they “Like” your page.


Changing your Coupons:

After your deal has expired, you may want to add a new deal. In order to do this you will need to create a new image advertising the new discount as well as any discount code needed for your records. Once you have it created, host it onto an image hosting site such as Photobucket.com. By simply copying the direct link and replacing the coupon image URL, your new coupon will be displayed for new fans to use.

Creating coupons or discounts in Facebook is a great way to entice members to become part of your customer base. Offer regular discounts or even savings strictly for Facebook users to increase human interaction on your site and drive traffic to your company’s website.

As a stay at home parent, UK resident Mary Blanchard understands the importance of making her dollars stretch. She frequents the coupon croc site to access web discounts to stay within budget.