The greatest challenge in Search Engine Optimization is to know what exactly is involved in getting links to a website. Many people think that an SEO is just getting the links without any investment in internal resources like development time, marketing time and cash.


The problem is that SEO doesn’t work in this way. It is necessary that website publishers should actively involve in the process as if they are not involved, then the link building campaign will be worthless or fruitless and all the efforts will get vanished. Here are some of the ways that an SEO could consider while acquiring the links independently and flaws are also discussed with each of the way.

  1. Buying Links:
  2. It is one of the easiest ways to acquire links without any help of internal resources. The problem in this case is that buying the links is against the Google guidelines. Google wants the organic and relevant links that are created manually.

  3. Free Directories:
  4. There are many directory sites and many of them are available free of cost. Most of the business owners consider the proposal from any of the SEO companies situated overseas as they promise you hundreds of links for only $500. It sounds great but the problem is that these links don’t have any value. You must keep in mind that Google likes only those directories which have a powerful editorial policy. For instance, Yahoo directory has a editorial policy. The few high quality directory sites are Yahoo, IPL2, and Best of the Web. Therefore, get some links from these high quality directory sites, but stay away from atrocious directory links.

  5. Link Swaps:
  6. Exchanging links or trading links with your business partners is good but exchanging the links with irrelevant site is not good as it is not liked by the Google. For instance, you are creating the link of health sit on casino site. These types of irrelevant links are not liked by the Google.  Therefore, it is important to create relevant links.

  7. Guest Blogging:
  8.   Guest Blogging is one of the best link building methods. Basically, the website developer doesn’t play any role in it, as it just involves creation of article and search someone who is willing to publish your article including one or two backlinks to your site. Don’t create and publish the shoddy guest posts as you don’t want that stuff be created in the vacuum because it will show the image of your brand. People read what you have written and on this basis, they form the impression of your brand in their mind. Moreover, you have to publish your articles on the excellent guest blogging sites not on crappy sites as on the crappy sites your links will be considered as waste.

  9. Blog Spamming:
  10.   Blog Spamming involves a robot which travels around the web, find the forums and blogs and insert the comments automatically in it. These comments consist of the backlinks to your site. This shows that strategy is right but it is not playing efficiently. It would be better, if it is done manually and put some real efforts into your comments. It will show your expertise and if it is liked by someone then he/she will definitely visit your site through the link you placed along with it.

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