Nail paints are the most important part of hand care regime for most of the individuals. A newer trend in the nail polishes is that of the nude nail paints. Women often find it difficult to find the perfect nude nail paint for their skin tone. This blog is for all those beauties who have a hard time finding the perfect nude  nail paint shade.

Best Nude Nail Paint Shades For Every Skin Tone

Creamy blush

This shade of nude nail paint best suits people with a fair or pale skin tone. This shade looks super amazing on all the fair skin toned hands. Also, it has the ability to camouflage along with the skin type to give that perfect look to your skin. A similar shade is an opaque blush that elicits the same classic look and helps you look ever so stylish. Both these shades have a flesh tone and therefore, approximate the look in a better way.

Pink beige

This nail paint works absolutely amazing on medium coloured skin tone, but is also a good option for the fair skin tone women. This shade looks fresh, clean and also enhances the natural glow of the skin. It is believed that the hands with a medium skin tone possess more of visible green veins which is better complemented with the help of pink beige nude nail paint. This nail paint shade works as the anti-ager and makes your hand look absolutely youthful.  

Pale taupe

This nude nail paint shade is yet another pick for the medium skin tone individuals. A lot of people adore the color pink while others find it a bit less attractive or are not very fond of the color. The pale taupe color is the perfect color for all those that are a fan of the nude nail paints but not the pink color. Also, while selecting the perfect pale taupe for your hands make sure that you do not get befooled by the yellow undertones.

Creamy beige

Another very beautiful skin tone is the olive skin tone. Most of the times, the shade creamy beige sounds a bit boring but trust us, it is the perfect fit for your nail paints if you possess an olive skin. The creamy beige nude colour stands apart from all as it highlight the tan hue present within the olive type of skin. This shade is so appealing that after getting this shade you will surely wish to get an outfit too of somewhat the same colour.

Rosy beige

When it comes to the darker skin tone, there are usually a variety of options as the darker skin tones can handle more shades as compared to the lighter ones. The pinkish shade of the rose beige elicits a tremendous grace and beauty to the hands of people with a darker skin tone.


Cocoa is yet another bold and elegant shade of nude nail paints that look ravishing on the people with darker skin tone. Layering two different shades of cocoa makes it even more flattering and appealing at times.

Nude nail paints are the most desirable of all kinds of nail paints today. Having read the entire blog, you must have found the ideal shade of IBD gel polish for your skin tone. You can easily choose one or more from the below-mentioned list of ibd nail polishes.