Traffic safety is oftentimes the most overlooked aspect of workplace safety. Traffic areas in every site must be kept safe from any scattered material, equipment, and debris. Traffic control equipment ensures that there is a steady flow of traffic in your working site, and that potential hazards are blocked. Proper and sufficient traffic control equipment helps keep your employees and the public safe.

Recommended Equipment To Rent For Traffic Control

Here is a list of traffic control equipment that you can rent to keep your work zone and the unsuspecting traffic away from risk and harm.

  1. Traffic Barricades or Barriers

Traffic barriers are used to protect the public, the workers, and vehicles from obstacles and hazards. It can be either of the following types: steel crash barriers, concrete crash barriers, crash cushions, and plastic crash barriers. They are intended as temporary diversion and separation during road works and maintenance to create a safe work zone.

The concrete and steel variants have energy absorbing ability to reduce damage on impacted vehicles. Plastic crash barriers, on the other hand, offer fast deployment without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

  1. Steel Plates

Steel plates are heavy duty plates of various sizes used to cover excavations to allow vehicle and human access. These plates protect driveways, and can be laid as a track.

  1. Flagger Station Light

Construction and maintenance activities conducted at nighttime needs adequate lighting. Flagger station lights provide illumination to work areas, especially during nighttime. They are portable and lightweight, and have an extended run time battery. They also aid drivers at night to see the roadway, and to be able to see in areas where headlights are inadequate. They are usually 8 feet in height, with collapsible aluminum extension mast.

  1. Temporary Rumble Strips

Crash occurrence in work zones may be caused by many factors: layout, speed limit, reduced lane width, visual obstructions, and use of a temporary traffic lane. Temporary traffic control equipment to increase driver alertness and to provide advance warning of changing conditions are needed in every work zones.

Designed to reduce workplace accidents and save lives, temporary rumble strips alert drivers to upcoming work zones through sound and vibration. It notifies drivers of upcoming hazards or any change in roadway conditions.

  1. Channelizers

Channelizers guide traffic in construction areas. Depending on your need, there are many types of channelizers.

Channelizer cones, for example, are commonly used for small work zones, short-term maintenance, and utility works. Traffic drums or barrels are used in work zones with higher traffic speed to alert drivers. Vertical panels are used to channel traffic where space is limited. Delineators show road alignment and guide traffic to a desired path through a construction zone.

In every construction work and maintenance work, the safety of the public and the workers are of primary importance. Traffic control should not be taken for granted and should never be left to chance. An equipment rental company can help you setup the traffic control equipment that you need to reduce workplace risk. Call one today!

Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best equipment rentals in Columbia, MO.