Project management among business partners implies good teamwork like risk management. It is considered to be a team activity. With the aid of project management, you as a business partner or a leader forces you to bring together the ideal people for supervising or managing the project. All the partners to the business should deploy good documentation as this will help them reap the benefits of the business without hassles at all.

Business partnership expert Anura Leslie Perera says there are two fundamental rules to keep in mind when you are looking for effective project management skills. You have to decide who needs to be involved in advance. All the business partners and employees that are to be in the project need to be on the same page when it comes to effective project management. This means a series of meetings should be conducted – face to face preferred. Many business owners and partners come to the Anura Perera Kenya office on a regular basis to get valuable inputs when it comes to the sensitive issue of project management.

He says during project management meetings, it is very important for the members to decide on their desired outcomes and the time-lines for the project. The group of project members should be formally called the project board and they should always be accountable for the projects that are being created. It is important for you to document everything that takes place in the project meeting. This means the minutes of the meeting should be recorded and reviewed on a regular basis.

He also says that casual phone calls that are related to the meeting should also be documented. He says that a book should be kept near the phone and you should get into the habit of recording notes during the phone call. It is prudent for you to send an email to the person after receiving the phone call to whom you have been talking to. This is professional and documents the call as well.

The above does sound to be very bureaucratic in the beginning however it is to be noted that you will be surprised how often people have different opinions after they have come out of a meeting. They may completely have different ideas. Once you have written them down, you will have no doubts about misunderstandings anymore says Anura Perera.

It is crucial for you to keep the above points in mind to get effective project management done. With proper communication and coordination, you successfully are able to get all your projects done without hassles at all. Moreover, it is important for you to get hold of experts that are well versed in the niche so that you face no delays in the work at all.

Business partners that visit the Anura Perera Kenya office state that he is very friendly and informed when it comes to effective project management and its successful completion. With the right information, guidance and knowledge business partnerships and their projects will sync effectively with success!