Today all organizations communicate with their customer base via various channels, both online and offline. This action-reaction of correspondence creates an impression of the brand for external stakeholders (customers) and generates an expectation of customer experience.

5 Simple Marketing Steps To Attract and Engage With The Audience

Leveraging customer engagements leads to a better customer experience, which in turn gives a competitive advantage to an organization. Customer engagement is a metric that can boost a brand’s lift by over 300%. As marketing has shifted to the digital or online media here are 5 best practices in digital marketing that can boost customer experience and in turn create a positive brand image and conversions:

  1. Demographics. As a marketer, it is important to know the preferences of the target audience in order to hyper-personalize brand messaging. This increases the success of potential engagements. A buyer’s persona, built through market research and direct interactions, is critical for brand message personalization. Tied to the buyer’s persona, is a firm understanding of relevant social media platforms and online browsing patterns. These needs to be assessed to establish credibility on digital channel that prospects frequent the most.

  1. Content marketing can truly strike a chord and build brand name and recognition in the hearts of the customer. It truly is the king, as it heavily influences the decision making of customers. Once you have a clear idea about the audience to cater to, framing a strategy to produce consumable content becomes easier. Addressing the pain points of your audience and being equipped with insight and information keeps your content relevant and useful , and creates a demand for your content. Content saturation is a real worry in the world of substandard content overload. However, there is and will always be demand for and utility of information dense, interactive, and original content.

  1. Repurposing Content. Explore different content forms. Besides, amplifying content on different social media platforms, explore mediums such as email blasts, video, podcasts and webinars to spread the word. More importantly than the platforms you choose to market your content, focus more on the quality and richness of your content. If your customers are offline, by all means connect, with them via newspaper and other conventional methods if that serves the purpose.

  1. Go mobile– as users are shifting heavily from desktops to smartphones and portable devices; be in tune with the technological shift and act smartly. Even the search parameters of Google and other search engines have adapted to this shift. Create mobile friendly websites and content, or have a mobile version of it.

  1. Empowering customers. Any form of digital marketing should be able to re-create offline sensory experiences within the online environment. Incorporating interactive capabilities in any form of digital content not only gives insights into the information but keeps the audiences engaged. Although most audience prefers passive digestion of information, it should be visually intriguing for consumption. Hence, an appealing presentation of any content or data can make it enticing, engaging and enhancing for the user.

As per Ton Halley CEO of Chart beat 55% of visitors spend less than 15 secs on a web page. In order to capture the interest of the visitor, integrate all the customer engagement strategies wisely into your business for maximum impact. It takes only a few seconds for a user to form a gut feel of your business and decide whether to stay or leave a page. To capture that audience, personalize your message, amplify your content and make it available to viewers on-the-go.

Author Bio:

Snigdha Mazumdar is founder and owner of Webtage, a digital build + market firm that delivers digital experiences to drive top line growth and operational efficiencies. As the owner of Webtage, she has deep expertise in helping organizations launch, optimize, and grow their online presence by spearheading digital programs targeted to increasing revenue and maximizing returns on investment.