To run your business, you need your brain is in good condition. Here are some tips to exercise it.

To run a successful business, you need your mind is in perfect condition. It takes effort to stay that way, but learning how to be smarter will make a more agile and creative leader.

Intelligence is an attribute that is based on ‘use it or lose’, so you must constantly exercise it. “You cannot make a mental game for 10 minutes and expect to be smarter for the rest of your life,” says Susanne Jaeggi, a psychologist at the University of Michigan. “To be smarter requires effort and dedication.”

Perhaps already you know some of the most effective ways to increase your brainpower strategies: exercise, reduce stress and learn constantly. However, we know that busy entrepreneurs do all this can be very difficult.

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Therefore, we share three strategies that will increase your brainpower and that you can include in your busy schedule:

  1. Exercise your body

“The most important thing to keep the brain working is to have good physical condition,” says Richard Restak, book author and neurologist. If you do not keep your body healthy, your mind will also begin to deteriorate.

For many entrepreneurs, overwork prevents them from exercising. Therefore, a good idea is to bring them together. Make calls or write your mails while you’re on the treadmill, ride your bike to go to meetings and jump rope when you’re generating a brainstorm. Doing these exercises will help you not only have more energy, but also because your brain is more active now and in the future.

If you have time to exercise regularly, or committed couples dancing (like salsa or tango) or tennis. These activities require you to make quick decisions and store large amounts of information so they are good for the body and brain.

  1. Learn a Language

To be smarter, you need to challenge your brain to make a difficult activity like learning a new language. This can be done in the car, in your transfers to work, using audio-books or an application like Babbel, which is free and available for iOS and android.

If yours are not the language, learn to play chess or playing a musical instrument, or at least, make a daily crossword. “Any activity that requires high mental ability will help you improve your cognitive ability,” said Jaeggi.

According to a study conducted by the expert, you need to practice these activities at least for a month, 20 to 25 minutes a day to see real benefits. This works just like going to the gym “the more you train, the better the result,” he says.

  1. Meditate when you have to wait

“Stress is the biggest enemy of a good brain function,” says Restak Cortisol, the hormone that you release when you’re stressed, impairs your memory and brain function.

Meditation reduces stress; therefore, it helps keep your mind clear. You meditate always have to wait, either boil the water, get your cab, start a meeting or doctor will receive. This action does not require total silence or you’re just simply need to pay attention and you focus. To know more this blog post.