Have you ever thought how leading business companies get a top-notch position in the market? How they achieve their targets? The reason behind their success is their efficient management strategies. Most of the renowned business firms are using Evernote to manage their daily tasks from hiring of candidates to a one-on-one meeting.

In the article below, we are listing the top seven tips that your boss should know about Evernote.

Tip #1: Use Ever Note To Track Your Job Candidate.

Evernote has made hiring process faster and efficient. Whenever a candidate applies to LinkedIn profile or from any other portal, the company is able to save the profile picture to Evernote. This would be very crucial in recognizing the candidate during the hiring process.

Tip #2: Use Evernote to Keep Record of Your Every Move.

As most of the businesses require frequent traveling, you can keep track and save every location where you traveled by using Evernote. So, the saved information will assist you in a long run like, when you need to claim your mileage credit or promotion offers, or if you are wrongly charged for a fare by rental cars then your Evernote would be there to settle out your disputes.

Tip #3: Use Evernote to Keep an Eye on Your Competitors.

To stand out in the market, a business owner mostly emphasizes on every move their competitor make. This can be efficiently done by using Evernote. You have to create a Gmail account for each competitor you want to follow and then subscribe to competitor mailing feature. Now, whenever any message is received the Gmail filters it, mark them as read, and afterward generates a new Evernote with all archived messages. This would keep you up-to-date to how your competitors are marketing through emails and what strategies you have to adopt.

Tip #4: Use Evernote to Save Images.

Images are the most important factor in digital marketing. Use of right image at the right position will definitely affect your marketing. While searching, you may go through countless images by using Evernote, which can easily save as many photos, audio clips, and other content that you find helpful and can tag each item with specific keywords so one can easily access the required content.

Tip #5: Use Evernote to Collaborate at Work.

Evernote is the best way to eliminate communication gap. Since most of the businesses are extended to different locations. The team members working in different locations can share their notes for blog ideas and research as they have no options for physical communication like whiteboards or any other medium.

Tip #6: Use Evernote to Share One –On One Meeting Notes.

Evernote can be used to create shared notebooks that contain meeting details. More than a notebook it works as a plan that contains the bullet points, meeting discussion, updates of past proposals, trends of current week, goals, issues, and reviews or feedbacks. For every meeting, you can update the template you have created before.

Tip #7: Use Evernote to Organize Information at Events.

The growth of a business depends on innovative ideas and creations. While attending different events and seminars you get the chance to capture innovative ideas and make notes on important details. But where to store this scattered data? Evernote is there for you where you can gather all your collected pictures and can write notes about them.

I think this post is definitely going to help you to manage your work using Evernote.

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