Why Rackspace is one of the best places to work

The employees at Rackspace (or Rackers, as they are often called) already know that their company provides an excellent work environment. Now, the prevalent attitude around their office has been confirmed by ComputerWorld in its 2012 list of best places to work.

Companies were ranked through Glassdoor, an anonymous online community centered around workplace ratings. Once the rankings were compiled, Glassdoor released its fourth annual list of the top 50 “Best Places to Work.” Rackspace Hosting was highlighted as one of the few companies to rocket up the list this year. Other companies receiving high rankings include Facebook, Google, Intel and Groupon.

So, just what is it that makes Rackspace such a great place to work? Surveyed Rackspace employees mentioned the following enviable elements of their workplace:

Fun Budget

Rackspace believes that all employees should work hard and play hard. Managers are encouraged to keep employees motivated through the use of a fun budget. The fun budget consists of money specifically set aside to reward team members for a job well done. The way in which team members are rewarded may vary from one group to the next, but they always offer employees a chance to relax while bonding with coworkers.

Emphasis on Progress

A lot of companies have the unfortunate tendency to forgo all possible changes in order to preserve long-held tradition. While certain traditions can be valuable, at Rackspace, they never get in the way of positive progress. Rackers from the top down make a point of keeping on top of the newest technological advancements and incorporating them into the work environment when possible.

Lack of Dress Code

Others may view coming into work with jeans and flip-flops as a sign of immaturity. But if that type of outfit makes somebody immature, Rackers are happy to embrace them anyway. As is explained in a Rackspace featurette on CNN Money, the only dress code at Rackspace is to “please wear something.” One of the most popular outfits at Rackspace includes a pair of jeans and a T-shirt emblazoned with the Rackspace logo.

Open Workspace

The emphasis at Rackspace is on cooperation. So, why would employees all be split up into tiny cubicles where they never get to see each other? The open workspace at Rackspace fosters better communication between employees, which, surprisingly, increases worker productivity. The layout and interior design may not meet the standards of Martha Stewart, but it works for the employees who have to spend their days working and playing in the Rackspace office.

Paid Sabbatical

At Rackspace, employees are encouraged to stick around. After seven years of hard work, each Racker is eligible for a full month of paid sabbatical. The potential of taking a month off actually serves to strengthen the resolve of employees, convincing them to improve productivity during their work hours. In the end, the offer of paid sabbatical becomes a win-win situation for the company and for long-term employees.

The old stereotype surrounding companies working their employees to a pulp is being decimated, one business at a time. Rackspace is at the forefront of this employee revolution. With its impressive policies and focus on teamwork, it’s no wonder this top-notch company has arrived at the top of the list of best places to work!