There are holidays spread throughout the entire year. Almost every month provides a reason to take a day off from work and relax with some friends or family. Many of these holidays require some gift giving. This can be a little bit stressful at times. Thankfully, not all holidays require a gift. Few folks are wrapping up packages for Columbus Day or Labor Day. However, for the holidays that do require a gift, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter, we’ve got you covered with the gift giving guide below.


For the above triad of holidays, candy can always fit the bill. It is a great gift for coworkers or casual friends, and it can often act as an accessory to larger gifts given to loved ones. However, resist the temptation to purchase candy off the supermarket shelf. Consider visiting a specialty candy store for one of the holidays. These stores offer custom made candies that show you took a little bit of time to go the extra mile.

Holiday Gift Guide


Clothing always makes a terrific holiday gift. For Christmas, consider something warm with bright reds for the season. Easter is a great opportunity to provide a friend or loved one with summery clothing in pastels. Valentine’s Day provides a chance to give intimate wear or to splurge on a fancy piece of clothing. This might be a cashmere sweater or a quality jacket. If you match your gift clothing to the proper holiday season, you will never go wrong.

Think Practical

Sometimes, people get stuck in a gift giving rut. They mistakenly believe they need to give someone an item he or she always wanted. It doesn’t have to be this way. Consider giving someone something useful. These types of gifts can actually be very special. It shows that you pay attention to the person’s needs. These gifts might include tools, cookware, automotive supplies, interior furnishings, or any item you know that was recently discarded by a person and needs to be replaced. Part of the joy of these gifts is keeping your ear to the ground regarding other people’s needs.


Stuffed animals are always a cute choice for any of these holidays. These can be small and cute, but they can also be fancy and extravagant. For example, consider purchasing a gigantic stuffed animal for playful room decor. Remember, children also love these types of stuffed animals!

Holiday Gift Guide

The Gift Card

Unless you are ruffling a child’s hair and handing them a holiday card with a few crisp bills inside, always resist the temptation to give someone cash for the holidays. A better choice is to provide a gift card tailored to the person. This gift card might be for a store the person loves, or it might be at a restaurant you think he or she will enjoy. The trick is to remember a gift card is providing someone with both an experience and a gift. Even if you are off the mark, the person can always discreetly turn a gift card into cash through numerous ways.

Get Economical

Don’t worry if you are a little short on cash during any of the gift giving holidays. You can always find a touchingand personal way to express love through a holiday gift. This might be through putting together a photo collage, writing a poem, crafting a coupon book, or simply offering to spend time with someone doing an activity her or she enjoys.

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed providing gifts for the holidays. Using the tips above, you will be able spread plenty of joy all year round.