Here’s the overview of most common types of ipad cases.


These rugged iPad cases are a little different from their iPhone counterparts. They are usually heavier and stronger, because the iPad has a bigger surface to protect. A lot of these cases cover the device entirely, meaning that you will have to unzip or open the case in order to access your iPad.



Folios, portfolio-style cases that fold over your iPad like a book, are the most popular type of iPad case.They come in many varia­tions—some feature built-in Bluetooth keyboards, while others incorporate a magnetic “open-to-wake” feature, like Apple’s iPad Smart Cover. These cases often appeal to business profession­als—they’re stylish yet simple, and they usually double as an adjustable stand, which is handy for business meetings.



There’s no shortage of unique iPad cases on the market. From flashy designs to eye-catching shapes, there are cases for just about every style you can imagine. When choosing an iPad case, however, consider how you will use it on a daily basis. Some wacky designs, though fun, are hard to carry around, while others are perfect for viewing movies but not for typing.


Jackets and Sleeves

What’s the use of an iPad case if you keep your iPad in your bag most of the time anyway? iPad bags and sleeves offer the perfect solution; they’re smaller and more compact, making it easier for you to carry your iPad from place to place. Look for bags and sleeves with a decent amount of padding around the edges, since that’s where your iPad is most vulnerable.



These cases, much like their iPhone counterparts, are bio­degradable, made with recycled materials, and easy on the ecological footprint. Any type of case can be sustainable, so this category will overlap with folio cases, sleeves, bags, and cases that are rugged, stylish, or both.


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