If you are planning on opening an establishment that serves alcohol such as a club, bar, convenience store or restaurant, you will need to look into getting a liquor license in order to sell it legally. There are many steps to take in order to get approved for a license and you will most likely be contacting your local liquor license administration to apply. The laws and requirements necessary to be approved will vary in each jurisdiction and between states. However, there are still some basic things that all future applicants will need to know before applying.

Tips For Getting A Liquor License

Type Of Liquor License Needed

There are different types of licenses available and the type you will need will depend on what type of establishment you plan to sell alcohol at. If you are opening a bar or restaurant, the requirements may be different compared to if you were opening a convenience store. There are also different licenses based on what kind of alcohol you will be selling including for beer and wine, brewing licenses and retail licenses.

Where To Get A Liquor License

There are different ways to go about applying for your liquor license. If you live in Texas, you can get help applying for your tabc liquor license from the company found at www.texasalcoholconsulting.com. They help establishments get their licenses in as little as 60 days. Most liquor licenses can take six months or more to get when you apply on your own. Depending on what kind of license you plan to apply for and where you want to open your business, the cost to get it will vary and can be upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

Maintaining Your Liquor License

Once you have worked hard and spent a lot of money obtaining a liquor license, you are going to want to make sure you do everything you need to keep it. While many licenses renew yearly, you may want to keep in contact with the governing body that administers the licenses to ensure you haven’t received any complaints that may cause your licenses to be revoked.

Opening a business where you want to serve or sell alcohol takes a lot of planning and effort. You are not able to just open a business and start to serve alcoholic beverages. Once you get permission from your local government to open your business you will need to ensure you get the proper license to sell or serve alcohol legally. Your business could suffer or be shut down if you don’t.