Whether you own your business or work as a corporate executive for an established business, you are in charge of making sure that the company has access to the technology required for success. One of your decisions may center on choosing between using a server or a cloud for your company’s data storage.

Before you make a final decision, you should investigate the pros and cons of each option. Your research will help you determine whether your company would be best served by server or cloud storage.

Cloud or Servers: Which IT Solution Should Your Business Adopt?


If you have an educational background that includes an online computer science master’s degree, you are well equipped to make the determination between a server and cloud storage. Your degree afforded you the objectivity and wisdom to identify the advantages and disadvantages of both. One of the advantages that comes with servers is that they tend to be more affordable than cloud storage. Cloud storage, while relatively low in cost, still costs a bit more than server storage.


Cloud storage tends to be more accessible than servers, however. Cloud technology is rapidly becoming more mobile, allowing users to access their information anytime from any mobile device. Servers are not as mobile and accessible as clouds, making them more difficult to use when people are away from their home offices or workplaces.


In today’s technological world, people expect and demand high-quality security for their data storage. They do not want to be hacked or have their information stolen or compromised. Cloud storage is notably less secure than servers, although cloud storage providers continue to make strides in tightening security. Servers are more difficult to hack into and compromise, which can put your mind at ease when you want to provide your company with the highest level of security available to you. It is because of this security, as noted by Forbes, that more companies still choose servers over clouds.


Cloud storage beats out servers when it comes to upgradability. You can upgrade your cloud storage within a matter of minutes while it can take you substantially longer to upgrade your storage space on a server. Likewise, server upgrades are dependent on the technology and available tools. Cloud upgrades continue to be developed at a faster pace than those for servers.

When you wonder whether to choose server or cloud storage, you should research the pros and cons of both. These facts can help you make the best decision for your company.