Almost every family has something that has been passed onto them by their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on. These family treasures are mostly in the form of jewelry, antique furniture and photos. Children are usually thrilled to receive these heirlooms as they have something they can remember their childhood from. No matter what the heirlooms are, they hold great value for a family as it reflects their background and history. Hence, most families take care of these family heirlooms as they are passed on from generation to generation. Family heirlooms are important not because of the monetary value, but the story that they possess.

In contrast with family heirlooms, modern jewelry is being designed to reflect your past with the help of these modern heirlooms. Inspired by the antique artifacts that a family may possess, modern jewelry is being crafted to create a resemblance between the old and the new heirlooms. Gemstone jewelry is one of the major items which resemble family heirlooms the most. These beautiful jewelry pieces are crafted with different metals and precious stones are added to it. As the fashion industry evolves, gemstone jewelry and precious metals are being highlighted. Many fashion events held by different fashion companies such as Lavine have represented gemstone and precious metal jewelry in their ramp walks.

The Greek History and its Resemblance with Modern Heirlooms:

The artifacts, which have become an inspiration for modern jewelry designs the most, are the Greek artifacts. Discoveries in 2015 and 2016 have shed light on the Greek jewelry as many artifacts as old as 331 B.C have been dug up. The Greek artifacts are quite similar with the modern heirlooms that are being created today. The Greek artifacts share a common artistic factor with the Egyptian jewelry. Many museums have been created to store these precious gifts from the past. As we know, fashion industry has taken inspiration from the Greek artifacts at large. Greek jewelry has been introduced to compliment the Greek artifacts by crafting modern heirlooms.

Companies have revamped their jewelry items to create a resemblance with Greek artifacts and jewelry. Designers have brought about a revolution in the modern jewelry industry. Many fashion events being hosted all over the world are presenting new trends and designs. The Greek history has provided inspiration to the fashion designers as they produce new designs of jewelry. The new trend that is being promoted in the fashion industry is of creating modern heirlooms. With the help of Greek history and artifacts, this is relatively easier.  Fashion designers such as Ioanna Kourbela have produced a range of Modern Greek Jewelry inspired by family tradition.

The modern jewelry being designed all over the world is inspired by many different histories. The Greek history is one of the biggest sources from where fashion designers and jewelry manufacturers have taken inspiration. Greek history resembles our family heirlooms. That is one of the reason why jewelry is being crafted in contrast with the Greek history and artifacts.