The basic pre-requisites of a successful freelance content writer are: having a computer / laptop, a good Internet connectivity all the year through, command over English (knowledge of two or more languages always catapult the content writer ahead of others and above all a keen interest to write. If you meet these basic requirements mentioned above, then you are set to bag writing jobs online in the content marketplace.

The do’s and don’ts of Freelance Writing

Do create a sensible and apt profile:  Your profile is the window between you and the buyer. You are what your profile is. Therefore, to get noticed for online writing jobs, your profile must do the talking. A content providers profile should be unique.

Don’t make spelling mistakes: Making spelling mistakes is not acceptable in the content marketplace. Avoid making spelling mistakes.

Be quick to reply when an order is placed: Once you receive an order from a buyer, be quick to reply. Delay in replying results in negative impressions about the web content provider in the content marketplace. For instance keep checking your inbox for messages where the buyers send details of the order as is the case in

Don’t bank on just one order: Content marketplaces like update orders from clients every second. Hence, in order to be a good freelance content writer, do not bid for only one order. Instead, bid for as many orders as you can and feel you will be able to write.

Maintain the deadline: Content providers should always try and submit within the deadline provided by your client. Try to never miss a deadline.

Don’t write less than the word limit:  Try not to write less than the word limit asked for.

Freelance writing is working on your creative instincts and making the best out of it. The essence of freelance writing lies in the fact that you are writing customer-specific topics and getting paid for it.

Content writing services are on demand because of the sudden surge of e-commerce.  Online writing jobs have created new employment opportunities for those who love writing and also want to make money from it.  Content writers in India stands a chance to bag good orders for freelance writing jobs because of their proficiency in English. Moreover, content writers in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and other major cities as well as small towns are very much in demand in the International as well as National content marketplace.

Freelance writing is beneficial and popular amongst students who want to make quick bucks, homemakers striving for financial independence without leaving their kids behind and retired persons who are still dynamic and want to keep working.