Programs You Can Help

When you use mobile phone recycling options you not only avoid costly fines, but you can help one of the many organizations that accept mobile phones to give their program participants. While, there are many of these organizations, here are a couple of most well-known.

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Just like the name says, this is an organization that gets mobile phones to soldiers stationed in the Middle East. Donated phones are reprogrammed, activated and delivered to soldiers who don’t have phones. These soldiers are then able to reach their families. This is an amazing gift for both the soldier and their family.

Cell Phones for Soldiers take donations through many service providers and through their website.

911 Cell Phone Bank

This organization repurposes cell phones to give victims of crimes and domestic abuse. This helps restore their confidence and security as they survive the situations they’ve been through. Battered women and at-risk youth are able to use their phones to call for help when needed. A donation of your mobile phone to an organization like this will, literally, save a life.

Check your local area or with your mobile phone service provider for information about these and other organizations that benefits from mobile phone recycling. Most organizations have a drop point or offer postage paid envelopes for you to send your phone in. Donate your old phone and be part of something greater than yourself.

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